Best JRPG Games For Android

There are some Android JRPG games that are marvelous in their design and exceptional in their game way.

If we talk about role-playing games, how is it possible the Japanese role playing games wouldn’t be mentioned. For being a pioneer genre for Android phones, RPGs had kept its hold over the hearts of gamer for a long period of time. So, is the case with JRPG if you are a fan then there is a minor chances that you had not loved any JRPG games ever. There are some Android JRPG games that are marvelous in their design and exceptional in their game play.


Let the magic unfold with this Japanese RPG where thousand years journey is in your reach. The Japanese developer has loaded this game with many fun elements like treasures, journey and monsters. You as a character comes to the downtown where many people come to discover their destiny and that’s what you have come to look for.

Explore this unpredictable quest and make some new friends. The adventurous journey will make you learn many things.

[appbox googleplay com.square_enix.chaosrings3gp]


Evoland is a perfect blend of action, humor and adventure. There are hundreds of levels filled with missions, dungeons and boss fights. Your job is to collect the stars and keep moving forward. This Best JRPG game seems to be a reflection of legendary adventurous loaded with rich game play.

Some initial parts are presented in 3D, while some are of 2D which keeps an angel of change and exploration in this. Get Evoland, fight monster, collect stars, unlock new levels and revive some of the most iconic adventure game play.

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Doom & Destiny

This indie game has shaken the world of video gaming from its roots. In the story line some nerds are on a magical adventure, they will overcome many unexpected challenges and things would not go the way they had planned. In its 90+ levels you gonna encounter about 300 enemies and all this will take place at seven hundred unique locations.

Discover new places, find useful items, upgrade them and get armor and weaponry to let your enemies know what you are made of. The Best Japanese game with epic adventure full of the monsters and boss fights.

[appbox googleplay hb.doom_and_destiny]

Chrono trigger

Chrono trigger is full of action game where you travel from different timelines. From far off planets to dark woods, it will take you everywhere you had ever imagined. You have weapons that need to be used in a most precise way. Fight different dungeons and make your way to the end of time. You would not only travel different places and locations but strange and unknown time spectrum. Collect the items that can help you in long journeys while avoid the obstacles and enemies to keep the harm to minimum.

[appbox googleplay com.square_enix.android_googleplay.chrono]

Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana is an innovative blend of RPG and battle Genre. For the main character, Randi would travel around the whole world of Mana and will fight battles against hundreds of Empires while passing by them. This JRPG  game has two characters, shown as the companion of Randi in his epic journey of adventure and fun. It has enormously huge following in Japan for its unbelievable real-time battling system. It also allows the player to make customization and fully access all the features without even switching to another screen. Secret of Mana has taken RPGs to the new heights of advanced feature and innovative game play. See Also: Visual Novel games

[appbox googleplay com.square_enix.secret]

Inotia 4

The heroes are about to get unchained from the shadow of darkness. They will start their journey towards their ultimate purpose. In the way, they will fight against the evil and hundreds of dungeons. Your hero will have about 15 unique skills to show up in the game. Use maps to find challenges and better guidance. If not enjoying the mainstream career mode, you can go for other modes as there are 6 of them.

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