Best Android Lab Games For Every Scientist

virtual chemistry lab games

Toca Lab

Research work and lab experimentation was not this much fun. Experiment with several different elements of periodic table and learn about their hidden properties and special qualities. There are many strangely looking instruments and equipment in the lab which you gonna use to further advance your studies either heat them on furnace, pass current through it or just spin them in the centrifuge.

Every time new secret facts gonna unfold before you about every periodic table you dealing in the lab. The fun science lab games and quite addictive for those who are slightly love with science itself. Also a great way to inspire kids about science and make them learn about different lab instruments and machines.

[appbox googleplay com.tocaboca.tocalab]

Rube’s Lab – Physics Puzzle

Rube’s Lab although, look like a simple 2D puzzle game but once you closely look at it, it’s a wonderful experiment lab game. You are in a Rube’s lab where doctor evil is after something really bad and now the responsibility has fallen onto your shoulders to stop him. You gonna overcome challenges and face them in the form of highly logical puzzles. But along with being super rational you have to find creative ways of doing things.

Don’t worry you would not be alone because you will have helping hand of Rube that will always give you some wise advise in the time of need. You gonna use some huge range of different tools to solve the problems and unlock new as you proceed. Don’t worry you would not gonna stuck very easily because this lab game for kids is designed by keeping in view that the initial stages should be fast paced moving and player should not be stuck at any level.

Discover new mystery and secret, test your cognitive skills with this laboratory game.

[appbox googleplay com.onlinico.rubeslab]

CrazyMachines GoldenGears Lite

Instead of a player, turn yourself into game developer and make some pretty tricky puzzles. Upload them on different platforms and challenge other to solve puzzles that you created. While you can solve puzzles created by others. There are about 50 tools you can use to create your master piece and every time you create and upload puzzle, some golden gears would be awarded to you. Challenge others or solve your own puzzles and there is also a chain reaction you can set on. See also: Android Board games

If its enough for you then let me tell you, the bombs and other explosives items gonna overwhelm you with the excitement. These explosives gears should be used in constructive ways or you can harm yourself. Tie things up with strange balloons and do some brainstorming via experimentation with the tools. This chemistry game would not just make you feel like a genius scientist but also transform your brain power into more extended form when you play it. A real-time teaser to try.

[appbox googleplay com.vivamedia.cmGGTHD]

LAB Escape

You are an extremely dangerous experiment of a creature that has gotten out of control. Now do gratify your urge of survival, your ultimate aim would be to get out of the lab. But it wouldn’t be that easy as you would face different hurdles and challenges like tanks and other obstacles. But you can mutate when ever you feel the need of it. Wipe off every thing that comes in your way to get out of the lab. Check also: Adventure Games

[appbox googleplay com.DoomsdayStudio.LabEscape]

A real sci-fiction scenario game where you are not an epic hero but a mistake of a high-profile scientist.

Mixee Labs

Being a minion, your purpose of life is to make a jump long and high enough that can help you to stay alive for the next level. But in the meanwhile, you will be collecting precious items like coins and other important stuffs, that will later help you to get prepare for the upcoming challenges.

[appbox googleplay com.kitmaker.mixeelabs]

Barren Lab

Joe is a person who has gotten trapped into an evil lab and the person who owns it, is known as Barren. Now Joe has to solve many puzzles and light up his mind with the best ideas possible to get out of this dark lab. He will find strange gadgets which he can use to make his escape successful.

[appbox googleplay com.renderedideas.barrenlab]

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