Learn Android App Development

Learn Android App Development
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So You Want to Learn Android App Development Steps to Become an Android Developer For Beginners


Before start learning how to make an Android app, it is better to have desired end result in mind. What you want to achieve from the app you want to make. Either your app is for learning purpose or earning purpose. It is better to make your First Android Application as simple as possible, without expecting that it would earn something. Your Purpose to learn Android App Development should also real.


Your purpose of creating app should fulfill all aspects of a SMART goal. SMART means your goal should be SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIME based.  First thing is that your goal should be specific, when I was making my first Android Application, my specific goal was that to just make a simple application which would not have any complexity and that can I complete on my own. “MEASURABLE”: I used to search applications made by beginners and used those applications as a benchmark for my upcoming apps. “ATTAINABLE” : I made the specification of my applications concordance to its attainability. “REALISTIC” : As I choose others beginner’s applications as benchmark it was not difficult for me to make a realistic goal. “TIME BASED” : I  scheduled my entire activity of application development by allotting specific time to each basic tasks. I classified my entire projects of App Development into major tasks and did not do detailed calculation of small parts of task for being a newbie.


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There are three guidelines that will help you to Learn Android App Development.

  1. Use a single screen (activity).
  2. Your app should bear interaction, although a simple one.
  3. There should be least amount of coding involve.

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  1. Device you need

-Android Phone for Testing App


You can run your android application on your Pc, using Android Emulator after which you can run Android Application on your Pc. But we recommend you to use a Smart phone of Android as it would be more convenient to test an Android App on a Smart Phone

         2. Specification of Devices:

-Software specification

SMART PHONE: Your smart phone should bear any version of Android, it does not have to be any specific one.

PC: The Pc should have Window 7 and its further updated operating systems.

3. Hardware Specification:

SMART PHONE: There is no specific requirement.

RAM = 4GB- 8GB

Processor: Intel® EM64T

     For Mac Users

(MAC) RAM = 3GB- 8GB

Mac® OS X® 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher, up to 10.12 (macOS Sierra)

  1. Tools that you Need:

Android Studio


Android SDK Tools

Java Development Kit (JDK)

Step by step tutorials on How to Setup Android Studio For Beginners


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