Best Android Apps To Learn English Language

Best Android Apps To Learn English

Those days have long gone when you used to need a teacher to learn a new language. Today you can learn almost any language by just sitting at your home. Now you just have to do some tapping on your Android screen to find a good learning source. But in this post we are discussing the reliable and convenient resources to learn English on smart phone. There are countless English learning apps that are so good in teaching English that you hardly have any difficult time learning this new language. Following are some of the most spectacular Apps to Learn English Language, waiting to be discover.


Memrise is better to say a game rather than a Learning App. Because it will teach you English as if you are playing a game. You will act as a secret agent and to overpower your enemies, English is the only weapon you can use. Play a game and no one will even get a clue that you are not playing a game but learning a new language. There are native speaker’s videos that can help you to learn English in a more precise way with better pronunciation. There are 30,000 native speakers’ videos that can do the work for you. See Also: Best Educational Apps

Be smart and learn English in a most entertaining way possible.

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Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone

Learn Languages will not only make you learn English but many other languages too. With its immersive method, you will learn any other languages as if it were your mother tongue. There are some self-learning levels you can follow to get good at any language you want to learn, especially English. If you had ever thought of learning any other language apart of English, then this is the time to start.

HelloTalk Learn Languages Free

A new language is not just a communication medium but a new culture to learn and that’s what Hello Talk understands most. You will learn English in the most practical way, which is just by talking to native speakers on free calls. Remember the way you had learned your mother tongue, the same way you will learn English too. Because sometimes we learn a new language but hardly get able to communicate effectively with native speakers because of our bookish approach. You just talk to new people, learn their language and have fun with socializing.

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If you are a busy cooperate bee or a student that has not much time to learn language for the assignments and projects to complete, then you must try this useful app to learn it in a short period of time. Open language will teach you English by placing dialogues on your Android screen and break them into smaller parts that will make you learn the language in more detail and elaborate way but in far lesser time.

There are online teachers to give you more active lessons and there will be class participation via which you can talk with other students learning English.

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English Listening Player

At the end of the day what really matter is, either you can understand what a native English speaks because no matter how good your writing, speaking and reading skills are you can’t have a conversation if you can’t understand local English’s accent. We have seen people who know English well but when it comes to listening they lose all the grades and fall into average category. This can be a fatal weaken to have especially if your are preparing for the tests like  IELTS and TOEFL

This learn English app also equally emphasis on the listening part as on any other and have been designed for those who want to work on their English listening skills. Don’t worry it would not consume much of your phone’s battery as you can listen while your screen is off and you talking a walk.

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Learn to Speak English

Often language learners say that learning a new language is not about the words but understanding the culture, lifestyle and mind set of a native speaker. May be you had learned from the books that are good at teaching the formal English but are not very effective in communicating with the local people. I mean you don’t want to sound like a 19th century English gentleman while talking with a your gang of English friends.

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It teaches you by making you listen how the locals talk in different scenarios. Learn to Speak English app will throw a situation along with a question and you have to answer using the best of your abilities. Later you can compare your recorded answer with the one already available in the application. Notice what was different in your way of communication and improve yourself at every query you answer. You don’t need anyone to practice with, just you and your phone, record your voice and improve yourself every time you do so.

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