Best Apps To Learn Japanese For Android

Best Apps To Learn Japanese For Android

If you are a person who has landed on this page and starts his journey to a fluent Japanese, then let me tell you it would not be that easy. Yes! we have some incredible apps that will provided you a personal linguistic trainer on your Android yet you are entering entirely new domain. Specially if you are an English or someone whose mother tongue is entirely different from Japanese. I mean for those with English as their first language will have much harder time with Japanese than those who are Chinese or Korean. It is entirely different from the basic alphabetic letters to the cultural mind-set of the language. But one thing is for sure, if you keep stick to it hard enough then you surely be a great Japanese speaker using these best apps to learn Japanese below. Check also: App lock For Android


A Japanese dictionary app that will always stay besides you even if there is no internet access. With its offline feature, you can ask for any symbol you want to know the meaning of. No matter what is your language origin because it can translate Japanese into Several languages such as German, French and Russian. Just put the symbol into the dictionary and it will let you know. If for instance, you don’t know the symbol or some extra text you want to know the meaning, just place the question mark. A highly useful Japanese learning app you should not bother carrying into your Android device.

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Learn Japanese Free

This app has far more advanced and effective approach towards teaching you the language. Instead of teaching you from the scratch, it actually starts with the 60+ categories of different phrases. You learn phrases and test your learned lesson via full of fun game quizzes. Actually the game quizzes are the real fun that motivates you and push you for new lesson.

There are 300 lessons and 5000 phrases to learn, which means you always need a little push. If you start with this Japanese learning tool even you don’t turn into an expert Japanese communication professional yet you will be able to communicate with the people if ever travel Japan.

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If you are not satisfied with above mentioned app and really want to start from scratch then instantly download this Obenkyo app. It will start from the very beginning of picture recognition, numbers, name of things and basic alphabets. Gradually as you improve, you will learn about more new Japanese stuff like their vocabulary and words.

Just be patient and persistent because there are 1200 of them. You can also evaluate your learning ability by going for quizzes. It offers quizzes with Multiple choice question which is far easier test pattern than any other. Learn Japanese from the very basic and if you are standing solid to your decision, just go for it.

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Learn Japanese, Learn Korean or Learn Chinese Free

Now learning Japanese, Chinese or Korean is a child play, as you would participate in different games aimed to make you learn the most out of your daily 10 mints training. Now you can learn your favorite Asian language without any further procrastination because it would hardly takes more than 10 mints of your day. You can get done with it while traveling in the bus or even starting your day in the toilet. With consistent text evaluation and reports, you can keep an eye upon your performance and improvement. As it has a playful approach, so while you are enhancing yourself no one would know what you are up to. See also: Best Piano Apps

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Memrise is more about starting from the scratch by learning tiny words and gradually building your foundation for this new language (Japanese). It would not just help you learn new words of Japanese but also helps you get better understanding of your own language and let you know some new words of your native language too.

Think big but starts small, memrise follows this principle and help you to have a solid understanding of new a language without you even knowing it, because memorizing a word or two daily will add up to 365 to 730 words in your vocabulary per year.

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