Best Mind Challenging Games For Android

Challenging Games for mobile

Sometimes we want a bit of challenge after playing different smart phone games for more than 500 hours. Actually this number may sound huge but many of us have played that much since we have started using the device from the very first time. There are some really hard games that will intensely put to test your reflexes and response speed. So, why don’t just try them out and decide by yourself either there are enough challenging or not. Following are some Android Challenging games.


Duet can be labeled as fairly challenging puzzle game but some players have even described it too as an easy game. You will be controlling two balls revolving around the axis and your job is to make sure they do not hit by falling platforms from upside. The game belongs to puzzle genre but it is highly based on intuitive abilities. You may find it strange that a puzzle game have to be played with pure intuition but you will get once you start playing. There are some modes you can try if don’t have much time. In the survival mode, you can play during long weekend nights where game would not end until you die.

Duet is full on package of daily challenges where you do not get out of newer levels and missions.

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1001 Attempts

The retro graphics of the game and addictive nature will keep you stick with the Android screen. Just move on to your journey by avoiding hurdles and collecting valuable items. It may sound simple because it is simple, but very difficult to master. The name of the game gives a better idea about its challenging nature. It can be a quite right choice for those who love to play retro graphic games full of challenges.

[appbox googleplay com.everplayinteractive.attemptsfree]

Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon is a difficult game that belongs to arcade genre and will catch up your interest for far longer time than any other reaction based game. It is known for the super addictive ability it has and the challenging element you will know by playing. Test how fast you can think and can response at the same time either your response is a processed action or just merely a reflex. You can know it by giving it a try. Be aware with its super addictive nature.

[appbox googleplay com.distractionware.superhexagon]

Pixel Dungeon

Another really hard to play game in our list, Pixel dungeon is an Android game that can give you the tough time. Choose one of its characters and set yourself on the quest. Collect useful items that will help you in the end and see how you can solve different problems that will be faced by you in the middle of the game. Reviews has said that the Pixel Dungeon is a quite right choice if you are looking for a challenge simulation. May be this is the one you were always looking for.

[appbox googleplay com.watabou.pixeldungeon]


Tap20 is a mind teaser game with quite interesting challenge. There would be 20 different taps, each with a number on it but in a random sequence. Now you have to tap the buttons in a specific sequence within a limited time frame.

The game is so simple that can be played by kids but also challenging enough to keep engaging an adult player. You can challenge your friends by making a high score. The game put your focus on test and how long you can maintain the intense focus. A real cool game to improve our processing speed. Check also: Android offline games


Alphabear is the perfect mind challenging game to improve your memory as well as spellings if you are not too good in it. You have to spell the words and will do it by choosing many letters from a grid. If you choose two adjacent letters, a bear will show up.

Don’t worry that’s a good sign. It means that you are doing well and by repeating it several times, your bear will get bigger in size. You can save these bears for your next game as it can provide you ahead position in the next level you would play.

[appbox googleplay com.spryfox.alphabear]