Play Mind Relaxing Games To Release Stress

Play Mind Relaxing Games To Release Stress

Sometimes we really get stressed out due to the deadlines or other personal issues. But it is true being worried about the situation only makes it worse. The solution is to get yourself into equilibrium and then think of the way out rationally. There are many mind-relaxing activities you can get benefited from but only one you can carry along yourself, it is a Video Game. You can have some games that can divert your mind from the unbroken chain of thoughts. Just download one or more of these mind relaxing games in your Android phone and enjoy whenever you want.

Zen Koi

Downloads: 5000k-10,000k

Price: Free

Reviews: 4.4

None can be more noise free than the fish when it comes to having a pet. In this game, you have to raise several kinds of fish in a mesmerizing, astonishingly beautiful environment with some calming music. As the fish grow, you will feel really relaxing. Other such effects will make you more relaxing and calm, such as the flowing water. You will have more than 100 different kinds of koi and if you play really good you can turn some of your fishes into dragons and which feels awesome.


Mini Metro

Downloads: 100k-500k

Price: 4.99$

Reviews: 4.8

Mini metro is not just an amazing mind relaxer but a great brain teaser too. You will find yourself in a city having lots of subways and some random growth. Your job is to make subway connected to each other otherwise things will piled up and go messy. It although has 2D graphics yet you will find it very interesting. There are 15 kinds of real world cities with two game modes. Where there are some other challenges including daily challenges. Mini metro is a real gem you must have.



Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: Free

Reviews: 4

Kami is a puzzle game, demands player to cover grid with a single color and with the least number of moves possible. It is more of a relaxant that really calms your nerves after the end of each level. There are more than 60 unique puzzles you will enjoy while there is a premium option too. Kami is really popular and has won 2014 Award. Although the graphics are not really high profile yet that is not the concern for a 2D game, but it has more of an artistic approach.

Alto’s Adventure

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.4

You are a reindeer’s shepherd who has lost his herd into the snowy mountains. Now you have to skate down the mountains to catch your reindeer. This is highly simplistic and can be played with just screen taps. It is so smooth, that you will not know when you have ended the level. There are 180 different goals you have to meet and due to such high level of active participation, you will never feel bored.

One of the best mobile games
Noodlecake Studios Inc



Get relax and sharpen your mind at the same time with Auralux. It is a slow pace strategy game that will cover your mind with calmness. You will be given specific resources and a unit to begin your game with. The one with more patience and creative tactics will win the game. Strategy not just demands the better memory, processing speed and farsightedness but how creatively you move things around and that’s this game aspects from you.

Horn these brainy skills and get relax after-working for long hours. Because of not being a reflex challenging game you can play it while walking or exercising and its mesmerizing beautiful soundtracks gives you an out of the world feeling.

[appbox googleplay com.wardrumstudios.auralux]

Fluid Monkey

Fluid Monkey is an astonishingly calming game that is entirely designed for this purpose. The unique thing about the game is that there isn’t any soundtrack in the game which makes it more calmer. Because all day we listen to thousands of different sounds and hardly have any movement of silence when we go to toilet. This mind relaxing game has designed by keeping in view the amount of voices and constant stimulus of sound we receive. Remember the last time, you sat near the isolated beach and threw stones into the water. This game will give you the same experience by sitting at your home.

Just move your finger through different colors of water without having any target, mission or challenge. Nothing is more relaxing than getting indulged into the lazy moments when you are just doing something aimlessly for the sake of mind satisfaction because we humans hardly do anything without a purpose and this game makes you a child again. Use your fingers to spread colors all around the screen and feel your fingers through the fluid.

[appbox googleplay com.buzzmonkey.FluidMonkey]

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