What Is Mobile Marketing & its importance?

Mobile Marketing


Mobiles are necessary for the modern usage. It removes the communication gap and keeps us updated. Mobile phones are marketed by brands like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and many more. The main focus of the users is the rate, battery timing, and memory of the device.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Some of the buyers seemed more inclined towards the camera result as they want perfect selfies to update their status on the social media websites. It won’t be wrong if we say that Mobile marketing is gaining popularity in the society day by day. The increasing demand of people has encouraged the brand launchers to introduce new sets with proper functions and outstanding rating. This helps the customers to get what they exactly demand from the market. The era of the mobile has made it necessary for the customers to study the specs of the mobile thoroughly to get a satisfactory set according to their demand. Those people who are not interested in such marketing usually face loss. Large sums of money and time are spent on buying and selling the mobile devices and this sum is increasing per year.

In the beginning, people used to depend upon the landlines as the mobile phones were very less and costly. But nowadays, they are widely available even at cheaper rates so that even the lower class people can also enjoy its benefits.

How does Mobile Marketing Work?

Mobile marketing not only includes the sale of mobiles but also the tablets, iPods and smartphones and even the devices related to the handset are sold like hot cakes. Such things include Bluetooth devices, headphones, jackets, memory cards and a glass screen protector.

Mobile Marketing Strategy:

Choosing a mobile device is as important as choosing a computer and Wifi network. The customers are desirous to get the latest and updated device on a reasonable rate. Everyone can’t afford the first handset so now in the market second hand and refurbished products are also available at cheap rates. This option can fulfill the desires of the lower class because they can get a good mobile on 50 percent of its original price.

Mobile marketing examples:

Mobile phones are 80% used to run the apps and play online games or to do online shopping from the web pages. People also download the latest videos and movies due to which now the trend of buying PC and laptops is fading away. Mobile marketing status shows that 300% of mobile searches have increased in the year 2014 and it will be further surpassed in the upcoming years. If the Mobile marketing strategies are utilized properly so they can help a common person to earn a living through investing money in it. But the strategies are to be followed accurately as in business there are ups and downs so the mobile devices need to be properly examined before making a purchase, especially if you are getting a second-hand set or the refurbished one.

Types of Mobile Marketing:

There are numerous ways that can be tried when we talk about mobile marketing but from those, you have to choose the best suitable option for your business. You have to keep plenty of things in mind like:

  •    The budget of the project
  •    Industry type and demand
  •    Main aim and motive
  •    The attraction for the audience

Promotion of Internet Marketing:

Apps-based marketing is gaining popularity day by day as without installing the latest apps and filters the mobile won’t give the customer complete pleasure. The mobile apps can be purchased and most of them are present in the app store and can be freely downloaded. These apps include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Skype, picture filters and many other games as well. There are also safety options provided in the mobile phones to ban the pop-ups or full-page image ads.  

QR codes: These codes play an efficient role when they are scanned by users. They help in reaching the specific website which is virus free and completely scan, giving a relaxing hand to the users.

Location-based marketing: It allows the users to reach their destination with the help of Google maps. You can further learn about the distance between the places and how much time it may consume in reaching it. You can also further learn about the exact location of a person or his specific area.

SMS: SMS marketing plays an important role especially when people did not have the facility for wifi and internet. But with the growing trend of 3G and 4G people get enough free apps to contact their dear and near ones free of cost.

Enhanced Mobile Marketing Campaigns:

AdWords advertisers in a single campaign can take on Google search ads and set bids accordingly that can be adjusted for mobile devices. They can further increase the bids by percentage if they find the number of the customers is increasing.

Google tries its best to make mobile marketing convenient for the advertisers by generating revenues which are further helpful for the customers as well. Those devices which are short contain higher bids. In this way, the enhanced campaigns make it easy for the advertisers to promote their product and sell it with ease.

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Mobile Site Links: It is very convenient for the mobile users to jump from one website to the other without any delay. It is very essential for the mobile marketing and is easy to approach on the mobile devices. There are also options including a message or call the advertiser. Once you click on “call” the number automatically appears so that the customers can further contact him.

Local Ad Extensions: They are considered to be the most important extensions for mobile marketing especially when you are looking for local solutions. They further involve a contact number or link to Google Maps for further assistance.

How to do Mobile Marketing?

  •    Be clear about the features of the mobile and keep things simple and understandable.
  •    Try to keep the location right so that when people approach you then interaction can be made easily.
  •    Sell your device keeping in mind which sort of audience you want to approach. It will be more beneficial if you are advertising a product which belongs to the latest edition.
  •    Try to search more on Google Offers and see what they have to offer and how they are beneficial and helpful for you. Try to check how the mobile PPC ads are working.


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