5 Unique Moon phase apps and moon calendar apps (2020)

Moon phase apps and moon calendar apps

Moon phase apps and moon calendar apps help you know a lot about the moon. Which adds into the natural fascination human beings have with it. This fascination and curiosity is reflected in these apps that enable you to predict about the upcoming new moon or full moon, without reading any book on the subject.

Anyway let’s dive-into the row of most reliable and top–notch “Moon phases android apps” you can have access to anytime.

 1- Daily Life with Moon Calendar

 2- Phases of the Moon Calendar & Wallpaper

 3- Daff Moon Phase

 4- My Moon Phase

 5- Moon Phase Calendar

These android apps that tell you about moon phases can be far more significant if your religion, culture or community celebrates festivals determined by the moon age. Or it’s just your curiosity, either way you are lucky to be born in this era where it’s super easy. Moon phases can be used by camping explorers and survival expertise to know the date and time.

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[appbox googleplay com.aytakvimiilegunlukhayat]

Daily Life with Moon Calendar

  •       Tack moon activities
  •       Different interesting sections
  •       From moon angle to transit map

The app is a fun packed moon tracking app that tells you about the age, angle, phase, zodiac sign and brightness of the moon. From the current phases to the up-coming full moon you can know it all. Though it’s something all moon phases apps have but what makes it stand out is it’s Today’s advice section. Yes, you heard it right. This section will provide you daily routine lifestyle tips that can add value into your life.

Another novel section it offers is the “Energy of the day”, in this section you can read about your horoscope. Whereas the moon calendar illustrates dates and calendar concordance to the moon phases. Solar eclipse, Moon eclipse, void of courses list, daily planetary hours, moon-sun transit map and much more you can savour with this app.

[appbox googleplay com.universetoday.moon.free]

Phases of the Moon Calendar & Wallpaper

  •       Set live moon as Wallpaper
  •       Rising & setting time
  •       Phases of the moon, name & zodiac signs

An spectacular moon phase app which is free for android users. It doesn’t just let you know about, what moon phase are you in? But it’s also a lunar calendar app along with 3d simulation of moon phases that will show up on your home screen.

Those who are hunting and fishing enthusiasts can surely know the moon illumination & phase of their location. The moon phases are determined by Nasa data, which adds to it’s reliability. See the live moon as your wallpaper continuously changing but not just that, the name of the phase and the zodiac signs will also be there. One can set alarm about any future lunar event and can know when will be the next full or new moon. Make your friends wonder by sharing the current moon phases with them.

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[appbox googleplay com.dafftin.android.moon_phase]

Daff Moon Phase

  •       Moon and all planets Info
  •       Super moon timing on calendar
  •       Lunar & solar eclipse, Solstices, Equinoxes

Daff is more of an educational app that doesn’t just focus on the moon but also on the activities of the sun and all 8 planets. Know the phase of the moon by each month, age of the moon, phase of the moon or lunar and solar eclipse along with visuals. You can get access to all the information of planets, moon and sun including their zodiac signs, transit time, altitude, azimuth, day-length etc.

A great app for striking curiosity in kids about astronomy and educating them about the solar system. Not just that you can know the Solstices, Equinoxes, golden & blue hours of each day. It allows quick access to information via it’s 7 homescreen widgets. From node passages of the moon to the supermoon of the year (for planning candle light dinner), it got everything covered and the best part is it’s totally free, without any ads.

[appbox googleplay com.jrustonapps.mymoonphase]

My Moon Phase

  •       Know the moon cycle & weather
  •       Shows first quarter, last quarter, full moon etc
  •       Can set notification for a phase

A freemium and no IAP app, completely dedicated to the moon cycle and phases. Can know the cycle of moon and phase by scrolling on the date bar of a specific month. Not just know the moon phase of a future date but also the weather, to make sure you will see it. Especially if it’s about photography then this app let you know about the golden and blue hours of the day.

The app can be set to know phases of location other than the one you are currently at. This enables us to plan out night camping, rooftop dinner or photography of a destination. Will keep you aware about the moon phase today and every day you are in and when would be the first quarter or last quarter. You can set your personal notification for a particular lunar phase. Find out about the upcoming phases of the moon right on your home screen. A simple to understand & use, for all the lunar calendar amateurs.

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[appbox googleplay com.probadosoft.moonphasecalendar]

Moon Phase Calendar

  •       Free and Offline app
  •       15 parameters for moon
  •       3 days advance notification

Moon Phase Calendar can tell you not just about the future moon phases but also of the past dates. Like that of your birth date. It can help you search phases of different dates (including past) and of various locations. Parameters like dates of subsequent phases, rising and setting time, current moon phase, illumination, azimuth etc makes a total of 15 parameters you can have on your screen. Not just about the moon but you will also have access to 10’s of sun parameters.

Get the notification for any specific lunar event for upto 3 days in advance. Know about the exact timings of dawn, full moon, new moon, twilight, first quarter, last quarter with great precision. You can also find out about ‘perigee’ when the moon is closest to the Earth and ‘apogee’ when the Moon is farthest to the Earth. Either you are a photographer or amateur astronomer you will not miss any fascinating event of skylights.