Motorcycle Racing Games For Bike Fans

motorcycle racing games

Motorcycle games are very popular since the time of old gaming consoles. Especially among the boys, bike games such as Road Rash used to craze among the boys in late 90’s. Even now the genre is doing really good on Android platform. Every week Google Play Store comes up with few different Android bike games, even when there is so much, developer can do little in every new game. Yet the genre is not just reviving but flourishing and nourishing at its best.


Keeping in view the unending craze for the Motor cycle we have come up with some of the best motorcycle games you can play on your Android phone.


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[appbox googleplay com.batteryacid.highwayrider]


Highway Rider


  • Traffic dodging
  • Highway traffic
  • Challenge other players


Highway rider is a mind-blowing Android driving game with breath-taking graphics. It is known to be the best among my friend circle and the one which have numerous features. You can race on real-time highways and not just on specific one but in different cities’ highways. Highway rider also give you the thrill of police chase when the police get after you and you need to move your bike doing the zigzag and dodging between the cars on highway.

Apart from its fantastic features, graphics and sound, it has also multiplayer mode. If you are a motor sports enthusiasts then this is the game you must play.


Bike racing free games
Battery Acid Games, Inc.



[appbox googleplay com.topfreegames.bikeracefreeworld]


Bike Race


  • Stunts & racing
  • Brilliant tracks
  • Multiplayer challenges


If you are looking for freestyle racing game, then it may end your search. Bike Race allows you to do freestyle racing on several different race tracks that seem crazy in their formation. Although it seems quite simple for being on 2D and having animated graphics, yet it has too much to be called a small simple game.

The 13 different kinds of bikes will get you mesmerize among which you can choose the one you like most. Its more than 90 different race tracks never let you get bore or quite the game forever. Even if you have finished all its levels you will get more, as the developers constantly upgrade it.




[appbox googleplay com.creativemobile.dragracingbe]


Drag Racing: Bike Edition


  • Understand different bike operations
  • Feels like real
  • No turns, just acceleration


There are not many bike games you can name when thinking about drag racing. Drag Racing is one of few games that are known as an alternative of bike drag racing. As there are many drag racing games but only a handful for bikes. This has great significance among fans.

This is known for its highly realistic graphics and the variety of vehicles it provides users with. And if your Android device does not support its high specs graphics then you do not need to worry, it will automatically adjust its resolution according to the device. The most fun part about it is, its multiplayer mode where you can challenge real-time opponents and share interest with other motorcycle game enthusiasts. If you liked it, then what are you waiting for it is totally free of cost.

drag racing games on Android
Creative Mobile


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[appbox googleplay]


Racing Moto


  • Race at different routes
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Race through traffic


This is about moving your bike through the traffic on the highway. You just need to tilt your phone to the sides you want to move your bike towards and give throttle to speed up. For throttle, the taping on the screen will work. It has reasonably nice graphics with convenient controls for fast game like this. Your score is concluded by the number of times and by how long you kept pressing the throttle.


Fast paced racing game
Droidhen Casual



Motocross Meltdown


  • Race with personalized bike
  • 500+ customization
  • Challenge players

Love bike stunts? Motocross Meltdown is the perfect game for you. You will find several different modes with which you can enjoy it. It includes freestyle and step up which most players really like about it. This is full of customization options you can perform to your bike.  It has nearly 800 different modification options. Motocross includes the multiplayer mode by which you can compete in several competitions online and can enjoy with your gaming enthusiast friends.




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[appbox googleplay Game.SpeedMoto]


Speed Moto


  • Coin collecting bases
  • Simplistic controls
  • Variety of maps


It is a great fun to play with several different backgrounds and places. The race includes the localities of the forests, metropolitan and even rural sides. Your scoreboard will show your score on the basis that how many coins you collect in the speed moto. Although all racing games have the same elements but the thing varies is about how the game is being presented to the players. In this term, it really worth trying at least once on your Android phone.

You can get answer about, why should you try it, from the number of the downloads it has. It means if you like bike games, then it is something really famous among fans.

3d moto racing game
OoO studio



[appbox googleplay com.wordmobiles.bikeRacing]


Bike Racing 3D


  • Dirt bike racing
  • 50+ tracks
  • Difficult to master


The first ever game by BMX, as the BMX known for worldwide best bike selling company. And it has introduced a game matches the standards of product it offers. This is fun with its several kinds of stunts you can perform. There are hardly any such game with so many stunt types and features. BMX fans will surely love this and it’s a must have in their Android device.

If any game has such high downloads like this one, then that surely worth trying.

xtreme BMX game Android
Words Mobile



[appbox googleplay com.skgames.trafficrider]


Traffic Rider


  • Career mode
  • Different view angles
  • Points based upon your speed


It is like any other high-profile console game because of its features and options it has to offer. You can do some serious racing with Traffic raider. Unlike most motorcycle racing games, It has career mode. Traffic rider is full of huge variety of bikes. This bears 24 different bikes which keeps the game addictive.

Every time you play it with a different bike, it adds to the excitement of the game. With each different level, it has a different environment to give user the ultimate racing experience. You can also enjoy different missions on it.

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