Best Android Movie Star Games For Fans

Best Android Movie Star Games

A prominent story line adds some serious amount of interest in the game and when there is a whole movie at the name of story line hardly any movie fan can resist the temptation of playing such a game. Movie star Games are greatly and widely admired by the film fans even those who are not regular gamers. This made us feel the need of putting some big movie games name into a list that can give viewers a better idea about it.

Kingsman – The Secret Service

You are a Kingsman agent with lots of fancy weapons, sophisticated suits and top-secret bases. There are two basics things you are responsible for. One to defend your bases against the enemy attack and attacking enemies in advance because attack is the best defense. Fight super bosses and evil villains you have already seen in the Kingsman movie and if you haven’t watched it yet. We suggest to go for the movie first before giving a try to the game. Show your agent skills in different missions and make the things happen in the most stressful of situation. Show the world that you are a born agent. Check also: Action RPG games

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Terminator 2 Judgment Day

Hardly any teenager kid was not the fan of terminator when it was being shown in the cinemas. Now this iconic legendary movie has been depicted into a strategy war game where you are going to fight battle against the machines alongside the human race. Fight interesting battles with terminator commanded by the sky net and saves humanity from extinction. Here are lots of Superheroes and hundred thousands of players engaged with this battle globally.

Fight at the fields of 400 cities and benefit your army with the strength of six troops. Hundreds of other helpful items and several challenges to unlock. Terminator 2 is a movie war game that has up to the mark and equal in standard if we take the movie as a benchmark.

[appbox googleplay com.gameholic.ggplay.terminator]

Suicide Squad: Special Ops

Lead the team of most dangerous assassins in the Suicide Squad game, you have received the chance to win your life goal but the only catch is you have to go through highly risky battles. Help the government in gaining what they want and you will ultimately receive what you desire. See also: James Bond games

There are player vs player challenges you can join, no matter which country you belongs to. In this global participation game, you will interact players fan of Suicide Squad all around the world. If hardly find time for long story games then there are some weekly events you can participate whenever find some time.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Being the savior of New York City and the only crime fighter Superhero, the responsibility to stand against the lizard falls on to your shoulder. But you have really great super human strength and unbroken believe in the ideology of uncle Ben. As you would fight against the evil, there is nothing wrong can go with you.

Fight with the criminals and their bosses and hang them upside down on the streetlights so cops can arrest them (Obviously not for capital punishment). You are on your own when it comes to fighting the kingpins of the city. Guard your city and protecting the people living in it, as you are The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Ice Age Village

Playing Ice Age is far more fun than just being a viewer of it. Jump into this frozen world of prehistoric era and the well-known story-line. You might have watched the entire story-line for two hours and hardly any other game has such interesting and detail oriented story like these Movie games. That’s the beauty of Movie star games and Ice Age Village is among the top-notch of Movie games.

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