Newly launched Android 10 features

android 10 features

Android 10 isn’t just any next big, Android operating system, (which is usually the case for any new version), but the first one shifted to numbers instead of desert names. Though it was initially recognized as Android Q, yet on the official release on Sep 3 it was proclaimed as Android 10.
Anyhow, the operating system has publicly out however it is currently available for Pixel phones only. But after some time it surely will be available for the other phone bands too. So, instead of worrying about the updates on our phones, we better catch-up with the new features and functions Android 10 has to offer. Let’s dive in!


Focus Mode allows prevention from all those distractions you face because of your phone, while in the middle of something important. Don’t worry it wouldn’t block all your notifications, the most important ones could be enabled to show. It’s true that phones have great impact on your level of concentration, for our minds can’t do multitasking. This is the feature that contributes in enhancing the quality of your work and thus that of your life.


Android 10 allows you to provide apps access to your location data only while you are using them. However in all the previous versions you are either allowing apps to track your location all the time or not at all. There wasn’t any other option, but now there is. Which provide access apps to your location data only when they are in use. It doesn’t only makes your Android 10 more privacy conscious but also helps your phone’s battery run longer.


New Android Q (if we can say it) has the feature of smart reply to all the message apps, including your emails. The machine learning will help you to reply with the quick, short reply to save time. Though the feature currently works on Google apps but in Android 10 it will work for all the messaging apps out there.


One can have the caption of any video they are playing without going online or having any internet connectivity. What you need to do is while the video is playing, press the volume button and volume slider will open with the option of captions. Hit the caption button and you are all set to see captions of the video playing, also you can move the caption on the screen.
A great feature to understand what the video is about when don’t want to volume up, especially for hearing-impared community.


Though the feature of sharing wi-fi network via QR code, instead of a password was already available in some phones. Yet it’s never better to have such feature getting common among all the users, for you never know whom you gonna ask for their Wi-Fi network password. No need to type in a password when you can scan it. Android 10 will generate a QR code for your password, which you can share with others by going into your WiFi settings.


You may have heard that it’s quite familiar for the Facebook chat head users, which is true.The idea behind this feature is to help you do most in least time without making you switch between different apps on your phone.
Not all apps on your phone will have this feature because it will be too overwhelming (if every app would). However if an app using bubbles has a notification, a bubble (circular notification) of that app will start showing up on your screen. And regardless of what app your are currently using the bubble will appear but here is the best part, you can do the most important functions of that particular app by just tapping the bubble. No need to go to that app showing you notification, just do it on your current screen.


Full on gesture controls have taken over the new Android 10. Instead of previous ways to navigate in phone there will be a bar at the bottom to do all the navigation. Like swipe up to go home and swipe right or left to go back etc. However if you think, you are not currently ready to have this big change then don’t you worry, other options are still there. The previous Pie’s 2 button navigation or older 3-button system will be in the phone to provide user the navigation they want.


At last the desire of Android fans has come true of having an official dark theme that will work system-wide. Along with looking elegant there are many other benefits of having dark mode. It prevents eye strain and also saves OLED phones’ battery. Even if it’s not, this is what users have been waiting and demanding for a long time.
It will also show up into Google, while making regular searches or listening to podcast. However if phone battery gets low your phone will automatically goes in to the dark mode, even if it wasn’t there in the first place.


SAMSUNG, HUAWEI, OPPO and other phone brands are working hard to launch their foldable phones. Android 10 support for foldable phone is a great proactive step to make foldable phones a perfect experience for users as they hit the market. World of phone technology is unpredictable, thus exciting. You never know what new feature in mobile apps and games you will get because of this foldable phone support.
Play Store Security updates
From now on users don’t have to wait for the complete update of their OS to have that extra patch of security update. For one can have it directly from the Google Play store. You will update your android security features like the other apps get updation from the Google play store. Obviously systems and features are mostly integrated in one or another way to work on their full potential, especially security systems. But it’s better to have something than nothing, if you wouldn’t be able to upgrade to new Android version, you would be at least be able to update the security feature meanwhile.

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