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The days of newspaper are long gone, for the news you want to see can be collected by your Android phone. There are some awesome News Apps for Android that not just only make you aware about the every bit of international global happenings, but can tailor the news according to your interests. These revolutionary apps will one day terminate the use of newspaper and we will save many trees.


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The Guardian

  • Can read even when offline
  • Save content for later date
  • Can have extra features in premium

Those who have addiction of news and cannot start their day without it, know that Guardian is a real big name in the world of news. Therefore, the application they have introduced secures the same prestige and recognition among the readers. No matter if its Tech, Entertainment, Politics or Sports you want to know about, it will track your reading behavior and provide you the well-tailored News Page. It not only focuses on the National but the Global scenarios and if its relevant to your interest no matter of what region the news is of, it will make sure that you receive it.



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BBC News

  • Live BBC World Service Radio
  • Access full range of photos, videos and audios
  • Share stories

BBC News App provides you with every important breaking news of around the Globe. It also bears video feature but it has some limitation as it is restricted to some specific regions and localities. BBC App contains a offline mode by which it makes sure that either you are in a rural area without internet connectivity or working somewhere in a basement where you have no access to any internet connection, you will be have enough news content of the past by which you can satisfy your News reading urge.

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Reddit : Trendy Content

  • 1000’s of communities
  • Get what you are interested in
  • Contribute by sharing

Due to wide use of smartphones and tablets every one of us has become a potential source of news and that’s what Reddit understands the Best. It is known as the front page of the internet for some reason. The most viral content usually gains momentum from the Reddit and the most astonishing fact about Reddit is that the categories or subreddits hardly know limitation when it comes to their count. No matter you are a fashion freak or a science geek, it will provide you with the latest trendy updates.

freshest content on the Internet
reddit Inc.




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MSN News – Breaking Headlines

  • Best news provider partner with Microsoft
  • Stories include politics, business, sports & entertainment
  • Configure your topic of preference

MSN News is also a great news Application with diverse categories of the news. You can get access to the News with just a touch of finger. The news it has included categories from politics and business to entertainment. Like all the Applications in the list, this also allows you to customize the settings by which you can filter out the news you concern least. Its user friendly navigation and time to time updates has made it Android users Favorite.

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Microsoft Corporation




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  • Get  viral news, trending articles, fun videos and quizzes
  • News summary stories
  • Book mark and share opinion

If you are fond of internet viral news, then Buzzfeed has the best potential to serve you. It is known for its best feeds either online or offline viral news. It allows you to customize your menus and choose from a wide range of categories. You can choose from diverse topics of your interests. A Great news app for the professionals who give a great importance to the trending due to the demand of their work. Such professionals may include bloggers and online journalists. We stated that for a reason because you can not only bookmark and highlight the news you find important but can share it along with the images it contains. Buzzfeed is for professional officials.




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  • Watch live CNN
  • Anderson Cooper 360” and award-winning CNN Films
  • Have stories, photos and news clips

With the background of news channel (CNN) providing news 24/7, the application is really up to the mark, to get it download on your Android phone. Although there is a website of the channel but it will provide you a far brief insights of the happening around you. You can say that the CNN is the best choice for U.S audience. Although its specialty lies in videos it avows but its other amazing features such as News Alerts, clips and user customization have made it a prominent leader when it comes to the news apps.




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News Republic: Breaking News & Local News For Free

  • Daily News Digest
  • Tailored according to your taste
  • learns about your preference

News Republic App is a great blend of trendy and personalize news. It not only let you know what you like but also what people around you is interested in. It also possesses a digest to read. You can make changes in the settings for local or international news, depends upon your preferences. While it has other categories of highly specific topics. You can know what’s happening in the International politics or about your local weather. News republic has all what you need. When it comes to weather alerts it can beat any other weather app because of its alerts it provides you on any social profile you have. A great application to have national and global perspective of the surrounding events taking place.




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Al Jazeera English

  • Watch episode of your favorite programmes
  • Follow topic and news categories
  • Watch live videos whenever you want

Al Jazeera is the most popular Middle East News Channel and its Al Jazeera English App is the best Android News App to get engage with the local and International News. It will provide you global News with precise details, if your worry that it may be specific to Middle East region. The Application has an audio feature which provides you live news streaming, any time, anywhere you want. While In My News, you can save latest news seems important to you and can create records on the daily basis. Al Jazeera provide precise weather forecasting of the region you want to know about. A great alternative if you have tried all the news apps and want a change for some reason.


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