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Nintendo games are still very popular due to some of the legendary gaming icons, it has created. How we can forget Mario, and even now we want to play the same games or their second generation versions on our Android phones. The good news is there are countless high quality and best Android Nintendo games on Play Store. But here we are discussing the best of the best you should try.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: Free

Reviews: 4.6

Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategy game in which you play against one of two kingdoms. The goal of your kingdom is to defeat the other and rule the entire world. But the twist is that there are Emblem Heroes you have to fight against while some of them are on your side. You have some special power using which you can call Emblem Heroes. Each Hero you add into you team, have to be a right decision because each warrior in the game has its own specific strength and weakness. You have to create an army that can rule out the threat and can cover your weaknesses.

Train an army of legendary superheroes that have special ability to fight. The army you will make fight battles against other players worldwide but its not just about your strength of army but also how you use it. Therefore, This RPG strategy demands a bit tactical move from you. As its a turn based game you have to wait while other player is attacking and the same rule applies to your opponent.

Go to different timelines and worlds to reinforce and search for different superheroes into your army of warriors. Upgrade your army’s weaponry and collect useful items to fill up your reserves and resources.

[appbox googleplay com.nintendo.zaba]

Super Mario Run

Downloads: 50,000k- 100,000k

Price: free

When it comes to the Nintendo, how can we forget legendary Mario! Play this amazing Nintendo 3D game on Android device where there is lots of the adventure, coins, items, castles and the challenges. It is almost same as it was, you have to jump and run to collect coins and save the Princess at the end. There will be a challenge mode that has different game-play every time you play it. While it has 3 modes which include challenge, Toad and world mode. There are about 4 characters and hundreds interesting items you can collect in the super Mario run. While its environment includes clouds, castles and Gothic houses. You can create buildings to make your kingdom a beautiful one while if you tired playing it by yourself, you can go for the multiplayer where you can challenge anyone in the world.

[appbox googleplay]

Galaga Wars

Downloads: 1000k-5000k

Price: free

Reviews: 4.3

A 35th year old space shooting game that has survived through the deadly test of time. This new version of Galaga is proving itself the real successor of the previous. The story line is about an endangered galaxy which you have to save from the aliens enemies. You have a space ship as your war machine with some pretty cool lasers and weaponry. Your ship will be equipped with four unique qualities, no matter which one you choose. While you can upgrade it to face strange enemies in the shape of insects like the butterfly and scorpion. When you will be in the battle you have to face consistent waves of enemies and your job is to make your way by blasting them all.

Galaga wars give you the feel that you are a part of sci-fiction movie, where your existence is the only beacon of hope and one of the mind blowing Nintendo store games for android.

[appbox googleplay eu.bandainamcoent.galagawars]


Although Miitomo is not a technically game but an app, even than it is highly entertaining and amusing in its nature. You will create characters and those will be named after anything or you can think a nickname by yourself. You will use these Mii characters to chat with friends. You can choose their physical appearance, clothing and even personality type. What you want to tell your friends the Mii will let your friends know. There are further more customization you can make to their Mii, even change the room color, wallpaper or even do the flooring. Communicate your text in the same way as if you are on the phone with them. Put some expressions in your chat with Mii and share it with your family so you both can have fun by the Mii chat.

[appbox googleplay com.nintendo.zaaa]

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