5 Best Free Offline Games for Android

5 Best Free Offline Games for Android

That days are gone when you have to set up the entire console to play 15 minutes of gaming. Now with the Android phones, we can fulfill our light impulses of getting our hands dirty with some fast pace offline gaming. Even only for few minutes, it can refresh you, change your mood and can provide small dozes of entertainment during the days when the things get really boring. Keeping in view the need of huge Android user segment, we have decided to list some of the coolest offline games for Android that are not just free to play but can be played without the access of Internet.

Keeping in view the need of huge Android user segment, we have decided to list some of the coolest offline games for Android that are not just free to play but can be played without the access of Internet.

Infinity Loop

As the list is for busy bees, our first game completely suits their interest and matches their need. Infinity Loop not only refreshes your mind but also unlike any other game it also provides freedom from chain of continuous thoughts in your mind.

If you cannot get something out of your head, then its the best offline game you should try. What you need to do, connect corners and things on the screen with a line. You cannot believe how stress releasing and mind relaxing this offline Android game is. As every game in the list do not need any internet connectivity and is totally free of cost. Therefore you can enjoy it without worrying about your credit or internet data.

[appbox googleplay com.balysv.loop]

Earn to Die 2

This zombie game is a thrill dose if you want one. A heart winning game for every zombie lover that is really based on a fabulous idea. It’s a survival game which demands strong determination and strength of believe. You are at the middle of nowhere and the zombie epidemic has broken out. Now you have to run for your life. Don’t worry you don’t have to do it on your legs. You will be given a car, a reasonable amount of cash and some other small items.

But there is a twist which turns it more wonderful. You would not go through town to town and city to city on the same car, in fact you have to do it into many different vehicles such as truck and sports cars. It is not that easy as you think it is, because there would be dark tunnels and underpasses in the way that would be filled with man-eater zombies.

[appbox googleplay com.notdoppler.earntodie2]

Bhabhi – Offline

Bhabhi thulla is one of the most popular game you can play with the deck of cards. The game developer has brought this iconic game to your Google play store. Enjoy this offline card game with your friends and it is really exciting when you play it with people you know. You have to get rid of your cards and the player who do it first wins, while the one do it last, loses the game. It provides 3 modes you can carry out the game with. Along with some daily rewards, you surely gonna enjoy beautiful tables to play on. A first preference for every card lover specially to those who prefer freemium offline games.

[appbox googleplay com.unrealgame.bhabhi]

Soccer Stars

A perfect game for football game lovers that lies in the category of offline sports game. Don’t think of it as a substandard substitute of high-profile expansive smart phone games. It will provide you with real thrill of football events, leagues and cups. Team up with some of the best players out there and spin the ball to your side. With it’s highly realistic physics, you get it really easily. Enjoy many gaming modes and rank up high your team in the weekly matches without worrying about the internet connectivity.

[appbox googleplay com.miniclip.soccerstars]

Cats GO

If you travel more frequent then this game like Pokemon go can give you extra benefits of doing so. For being based on Augmented reality, you will find cute little cats around you in the real geographical location. Who knows you find a cute little friend while walking in your office.

Although this connects people to their environment and encourages them to walk but it does not mean you can’t play it by sitting on a chair. Collect beautiful kitties and download this Android offline game without any worry. No matter where you go you can find your favorite creatures even if you don’t have any WiFi access.

[appbox googleplay com.banana4apps.cats.go.offline]


Freeze has a story-line for you, mostly like an old school love story movie. Here the hero loses his loved one and now have fallen into different series of traps and hurdles after this tragedy. Now to set everything right, he has to fight ferociously looking monsters and face challenges that can cost his life. But backing down is not an option here, either do or die. Everything you have is at stake and you have to gain everything belongs to you.

It has exceptional level physics with pretty impressive graphics.

[appbox googleplay com.frozengun.freeze]

Dart king

If dart is your thing then you surely will love this offline dart simulation. With scoreboard and a practice mode, things get really competitive sometimes. Everyone wants to push his name ahead of their close friends. It is not some serious rivalry but an interactive playfulness and a unique way of spending time with your friends (especially if Wi-fi is not accessible).

[appbox googleplay com.mobirix.dart]

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