Best Android Open World Games

Best Android Open World Games

Open world games or sandbox games have been really popular among the PC Gamers from a decade and now they are making their way towards Android devices. GTA San Andreas is a great example of open world games, where you can live the life of your choice in a virtual world and can participate in different activities you like. It has many plus points like you don’t have to follow a specific series of levels to get to the end.

Instead you can either drive cars, do gym or even complete the challenges the game provides you.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Nothing can be better than living the life of Peter Parker as Spider man where you can go anywhere in the city either buildings or parks. There are six districts for you to discover where only sky is the limit. This sandbox game has so many characters and items to unlock, such as the costumes spider-man used to wear. There are 3 types of Spidy costumes you can unlock and can put on you like most.

It has open world challenges to face where you will encounter the villains such as Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin. In the aerial mode, you can fight in the air around the skyscraper with the most dangerous bad guy of the cities. The New York City is teamed with crime and you are the one who has to clean it up. Because as uncle Ben has said “with greater power comes great responsibility”.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a 3D virtual graphic world which every Spider-man fans will love to discover.

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GTA: Chinatown Wars

GTA Chinatown is a new part of GTA series known for it’s unbelievable 3D open-world Manhattan. The game has interesting story line in which a boy name Huang lee belongs to gangster’s family who had the control of the city. But due to tragedy the boy was left to die. Now he wants revenge and his honor back.

The game has mind blowing graphics and specially designed for portable devices such as Android. You can either complete the side missions or discover the world by yourself. It has many small addictive games which is a convention of this GTA series. You can unlock many interesting items. While the controls are amazing and customizable. It can be played on Android TV too.

Check Reviews of GTA: Chinatown Wars

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Gangster Vegas

Another Adventure sandbox game in our list that avows lot of the action and thrill in it. Gangster Vegas has whatever you want, it has cars to drive, robots to fight, zombies to kill. So you never get bore because if you want to drive car you don’t need to play car racing games or shooting games for shooting missions. It’s a complete world in itself. Apart from the cars, there are other vehicles like bikes, trucks, and flying crafts are also in Gangster Vegas. If you get tired of wandering aimlessly in the game, you can follow 80 challenging missions that have lots of guns, explosions and action. With its mesmerizing graphics and close to reality experience you cannot leave it after trying it once.

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Bad Nerd

Bad Nerd is a story where a good guy turns bad. But he gonna do only bad to school bullies. You are a boy who has the brilliance of nerd and guts of a bully. It is your time to teach the bullies some good lesson. In this open world RPG game, you will upgrade yourself by taking lunch and money of a bully. It’s a game specially for school goings.

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Gangstar New Orleans

This is the open world for the gangsters where you are thriving to be the boss of gangsters. It is full of dangerous weapons and exotic cars. Accomplish the missions in hand and continue proceeding in the gang rank. Bit by bit conquer all the city and take it under your rule. You just don’t have to be a good guy. Remember the city is not a safe place as you have to protect your area from other gangsters too. The Best sandbox game where you can have a second life. See Also: Best Gangster Games

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Backstab HD

You are a person who had been deceived and now it is your turn to take the revenge. Those who tried to take your life in the past may try it again. Do something before they succeed in the game. You have some cool action skills and can show up in the close combat. Backstab has reasonably impressive graphics that are good enough for 3d android game.

The Dark Knight Rises

You are playing as batman of dark knight, it may sound cool for being in the shoes of Bruce Wayne, the billionaire who is batman, but with great power comes great responsibility (As uncle Ben said). Now it is your job to take care of Gotham and deal with the batman enemies. Gotham is teemed up with crime and you have to take care of it, don’t let the crime take over your city.

You are the last ray of hope and it’s your responsibility to stand against the evil now. This batman game has tons of gadgetry and weapons. Yes, batman does not use guns but there are some others that can help him to catch some of the most dangerous criminals. You will also have the batman tumbler for wandering in Gotham.

Gangstar Rio

The game would not just take you to the lively city of Rio but gives you the chance to eliminate the corrupt mafia of the city. You will not only live in this city of Brazil but change it for the better. The city has dangerous gangsters and corrupt politicians whom you have to teach a lesson. You are on your own but you have the resources required to all this. You will be given money, fatal weaponry and high profile army vehicles including tanks and helicopters.In Gangster Rio, you will also fly other air crafts while pursuing your mission. Your job is to get the things right at every cost.

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