Either it’s about voice quality or battery life, connectivity speed or convenience usage, AirPods have invaded the wireless industry like no has dared to in the past few years. Since 2016 when we think of wireless earbuds, AirPods are the thing that pops up into our mind. But because the majority of phone users population is on Android, many believe the meaning of buying Airpods is to switching to iPhone. However it’s just an assumption, which has nothing to do with reality. Actually the fact is, even Android phone users can pair AirPods .

Now is the time to separate myth from reality and to tell Android users to enjoy the continuously enhancing Airpods. With the release of Airpods 2 and AirPods Pro in 2019, the popularity of AirPods has just skyrocketed.

This post will help achieve iPhone AirPods experience without buying one, though it will take a bit of extra effort on the part of Android phone owners.  



How to connect Airpods with your Android phone  

How to connect Airpods with your Android phone  

  1. Open AirPods case lid,
  2.  Then press and hold the white button at the back of the case (Nearly for 3 Secs)
  3. The light inside the case will start blinking in white color (means it’s in pairing mode)
  4. Now swipe down your phone screen and keep your finger on the Bluetooth icon.
  5. You will enter Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth if it hasn’t (depends on your phone) and there you will appear your AirPods.
  6. Tap the AirPods and it’s Done!

What to do if it doesn’t work? 

However If your AirPods do not show up under Available Device, then there will be either Add New Device or Pair Your Device option, select it and AirPods will appear there. If still no sign of your AirPods device, repeat the step 2 & 3.

How well do AirPods work with Android?

The features you will lose, if you want to use AirPods (on an Android device): Voice command, Auto-Ear Detection and Battery Life Display. As obviously Voice assistant (Siri) isn’t available on Android causes losing of voice command feature along with no battery level display of AirPods on your Android screen. AirPods have automatic ear detection feature, which pauses audio, video, music, whatever you are listening to, if one of the AirPods is removed from the ear. And will resume automatically after placing it back.

Another feature that you will lose is the option of customizing the double-tap feature. Instead on Android it will work as a Play & Pause button.

Don’t Worry we will discuss in the end how you can regain at least the Voice Assistant and Battery life display features. However features like touch control and noise cancellation still make it worth using AirPods on your Android.

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How to get some of only iOS features 

These below mentioned apps on Google play store will help you to have some lost AirPods features:

[appbox googleplay friedrich.georg.airbattery]           

AirBattery: Installing this app will provide you Display of AirPods Battery level.


 [appbox googleplay com.dotarrow.assistantTrigger]          

Assistant Trigger: Allows you to trigger Google Assistant with Double-tap on the earbud. It also allows AirPods’ battery life display.




Conclusion + Battery saving Tip

Though you still not be able to use auto ear detection feature. but here is the bright side of it. You can use one AirPod by just removing the other one, if you have to use the other ear (like while driving). For even iOS users can’t do it. If on an iPhone you are listening with both AirPods, you can’t simply remove one to use a single earbud, because it pauses the audio. Then what iPhone users do to use a single AirPod? Removing both of the earbuds and then putting back one again.

Well, there is another benefit of removing one AirPod without pausing the audio. It’s can increase your battery timing. If you see that the battery is low but you are still far from your destination (while commuting), you can remove one of the AirPods. This will help you use the battery of each AirPod one by one, as each has its separate battery.



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