Personal Safety Apps That Everyone Should Have

Safety apps are contribution of technology in controlling the crime rate and preventing people from such tragic incidents.

Safety apps are contribution of technology in controlling the crime rate and preventing people from such tragic incidents. We often have to pass by an unsafe neighborhood or have to drive along on an isolated highway. I am not being negative but if something goes wrong, hardly anyone on Earth would know what has happened with you at that moment. To deal such situations, there are some free safety apps you can have on your Android phone.


In fact these are the precautionary measures to bring you out from such situations where you need the moral support of your friends and family. Therefore we have named some of best personal safety apps for Android.


It works on safety button scenario where the person finds him/herself in a threatening situation, just pressed the button and the video will start recording. Everything that would be record at that moment will be the sent to the pre-installed numbers. There is no doubt about that as the bSafe cloud is quite secure with respect to the data it possesses.

Women Safety

[appbox googleplay com.awesome_apps.women_safety]

Women Safety is another milestone towards the equality and freedom for women in the society. It’s an app for safety that can use by anyone regardless of user’s gender but it has specially designed by keeping in view the safety need of a woman.

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The application is another safety button app that will send text messages to the preconfigured number at the very moment you press a single button of your mobile. But to inform about the level of thread you have just felt, it has given different colors for the level of danger you are feeling yourself in. Obviously you don’t want to scare the hell out of your friends if your taxi driver has just taken a new route to your home. At the same time it is not appropriate to not inform any of your friends or family member know about it.


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It has more practical approach when it comes to its usage. As doing something precise and accurate like using your phone and pressing few buttons may be a difficult thing to do if someone is kidnapping you. However shaking your phone is something you can do with great ease in such situation when one is usually really scared. And this would not let the person (making harm to you) know that you have informed someone about the incident.

Once you shake the phone, it will take photo and audio of the surrounding and send it to the preconfigured phone number along with your location. It is a real road to safety.

Stay Safe Pro

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This is another free safety app that isn’t just restricted to a specific region or country but provides you a safety, no matter where you are in this planet. With its global positioning system, it keeps you under the radar of your loved ones. If you are out of your country for business and something goes wrong there, your family would know about it and can do something to help you. We have seen such cases on crime shows where often people who go alone on a trip get caught in a drug racket’s trap or being abused by the local criminals.

In such situations, the person outsider of the country has really hard time asking other people for help, the reason can be any, language barrier or being alone at somewhere.

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