Best Piano Apps For Android Device and Tablet

You just need to download Piano Apps on Android device and start learning piano

Now you can learn piano without paying hundreds of dollars for a piano course, even without a private teacher you can do it anytime, anywhere you want. You just need to download Piano Apps on Android device and start learning piano.

The benefits are limitless, such as you can learn it in your free pockets of time that you did not expect and the time you waste while being on a waiting list can be used constructively used by these apps. And at the end of the day no one will know from where you have learned playing piano so well.

There are some pretty cool piano keyboard apps that will turn you from beginner to a master.

There are some pretty cool piano keyboard apps that will turn you from a beginner to a master. Therefore, download one of these applications below and start now without wasting any time.

You can also check the Piano Infographic to keep your brain healthy.


There are 50 Million users of Pianist worldwide that makes it a very authentic app to use. It has more practical approach towards piano learning, using which you can not just learn to play piano well but can also learn to play 50,000 songs. Because people get more excited when they listen to the piano versions of their favorite songs. Next time you want to wish your friend a Happy Birthday, do it by playing Happy Birthday Song on Pianist. Check also: Movie Streaming Apps

If you have learned piano well and now want to delete the app to get some extra space for a new app, think again. Because there are some other instruments it has. In-fact there are 120+ instruments. You can get a better idea from its number of downloads that how good it is in teaching Piano.

[appbox googleplay com.rubycell.pianisthd]

Perfect Piano

For all piano enthusiasts, Perfect Piano is an app to have. Learn different types of piano at the speed you want to. It will teach you to play slow as well as fast . After playing the piano you want to play, set the tune recorded in file either posted on the social media or set it as mobile ringtone. You can play Bright or Brand Piano or whatever you wish to. There are 3 modes to get amuse from and some like-minded friends community to share your interest with. Chat about your interest with other users on the app and learn from other people too.

You can also have 3 guiding method to choose from and can literally turn yourself into advance level player from an amature. A really useful piano learning app that provide effective methodology to play piano.

[appbox googleplay com.gamestar.perfectpiano]

Piano Teacher

A family oriented app that will teach you piano like a private teacher. From how to place fingers on the keyboard to guiding patterns of special tools, it will teach you everything you want. With its multi-touch feature, experience playing a real piano on Android device. Record your perfect tune, share with your friends or do experiment by adding beats in it. There is a rich feature for background music which will give your music a more authentic impression.

It helps you to spend some quality time with your family and enhances your creative abilities in a very fun way. It can be seen as a game if you are really into piano playing. There is some lightening feature which makes it more appealing and eye-catching for the users. It got 6 octaves that makes it worth downloading. A really easy to learn play piano app with detailed guidance. See Also: Bird sounds Apps

[appbox googleplay com.nojoke.realpianoteacher]

My Piano

My Piano can be considered as the closest to reality virtual piano. With its multi-touch piano playing and many piano sounds, it will give you the feel of a real tangible piano. Enjoy 15+ piano skins along with more than 10 instruments.

[appbox googleplay com.bti.myPiano]

These features put life in this virtual piano and makes you feel that you are playing a tangible instrument. Specially when it gives a vibration to your device. Learn piano playing or enjoy it even if you are an expert. My Piano app is fully optimized for tablets and provides HD display.

Walk Band

Why have a single musical instrument when you can have a whole band in your phone. Walk Band App provides you with not just with the piano but drum and guitar too. Compose your own music and set it as a ringtone. Send it to your friends and rise up your level of creative juice. With more than 80+ piano keys and multi-touch feature, it is a remarkable piano app hardly have any equivalent.

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