5 Piano eBooks to Help You Learn Piano

Piano eBooks

Playing Piano is literally one of the best hobbies anyone can develop. This not only does your best time pass, but also has a lot of health benefits associated. By playing Piano, one can increase his mental capacity and intelligence quotient. Not just Piano, in fact guitar and other musical instruments also have similar health benefits on your brain and body.

Earlier people used to worry about how to learn it. Except going to professionals and taking classes, there was no other meaningful way. But this is no longer the case. Today, there are numerous books, on paper as well as online, that people can learn the tips, tricks and skills of mastering this fabulous musical instrument.

And not just the books, there are websites as well which give you free and paid learning lessons for various scales, chords as well as songs. This is just like going to a home tutor. In this article, we will touch the books point. We will let you know some of the eBooks on Piano which are readily available on Google Books and Amazon Kindle.

The Piano

This book by Jeremy Siepmann gives you a detailed background on today’s popular musical instrument. It talks about the history of Piano, how it is used in today’s business world, means and expressions of Piano music, and great Piano Composers ever born on this planet. In this book Piano’s life is shown just like a biography is written on a popular person.

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This book will help you know the in and out of this musical instrument before you begin learning the basics.

Teach Yourself to play Piano

This book is perfect for the beginners who have never taken any professional learning class. It covers all its basics in a structured way, giving you a heads up on the musical instrument. It is no longer a boring class; you can learn Piano here in a very interesting manner.

It talks about how to form rhythms, chords, etc. The finger practice given, makes things simpler and easier. Step by step, it teaches you to play the entire Keyboard. It’s our recommendation that you get familiar with the basics of chords before starting this book. To do so you can read the piano chords tutorial by MyPianoNotes.com which will give you a good brief about the course.

Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons by Mantius Cazaubon also gives you a step by step guide to master the Piano. Mantius is a former school teacher and a Pianist, who helps you to start this instrument from very basics. All the terminologies and techniques are broken down to the ground most level for your easy understanding. By the end, you will feel energized and confident to play any song by yourself.

Piano Book for Adult Beginners

Damon Ferrante, the piano professor, engages adult beginners in fun learning through this book. Sometimes, learning the basics feel very boring, and people wish to skip directly to playing songs. This book does exactly that for you. You can directly start practicing famous songs given in this book. This will help you improve your finger movements and techniques, and will give you a better understanding of music. Along with the book, you can also watch streaming video lessons attached to it.

Piano Crash Course

As the name itself suggests, this book is an absolute beginner’s guide to master Piano in no time. It lays the foundation that is required for any beginner, and takes you through the very basics. By the end of the book, you would have learned about scales, chords and other fundamentals. Also, now you will be able to read any Piano notes with ease.