Best Platform Games For Android

Cool Platformer Games You will Enjoy on Mobile

Those Android gamers who don’t know what platform games are? Let me tell them that Mario is an iconic example of platform games. Although the genre was almost died after the 90’s but it again revived thanks to the smart phone gaming. It is one of the most popular game genre for Android users.

Rayman Series

Get yourself onto an adventure quest where you will fight against the monsters and different magical creatures to make your way to the end. You will be going through a green forest and have to collect incrediballs by passing through the woods. Incrediballs will help you fight monsters and bad guys and you just need to take care of them as a parent. It is your duty to feed them on time so they can maintain their strength and the power. Rayman has interesting items and characters to discover while the locations are very visually attractive.

In the multiplayer, things get more exciting where you play with your friends online.

[appbox googleplay com.ubisoft.raymanadventures]

Vector 2

Vector 2 is a sports game based on free running or parkour. This is quite simple and smooth to play.  You are a free runner who is running for his life. Overcome different obstacles, hurdles, traps using your parkour skills. Learn stunts and unlock gears to go places where you cannot climb without these skills.

It is a fresh approach towards Android platform games where you will run and learn about the sport, practiced by very few. Although the graphics is not very detailed oriented but you actually do not need it for a full of fun 2D Platform game.

[appbox googleplay com.nekki.vector2]

Cordy 2

Cordy is an epic adventure game for fun loving gamers where he has to rescue friends and overpower the worst of bad enemies. Let him discover new places and characters in the game and at the same time, rescue friends and complete the missions. Zap drops is waiting to be saved by cordy. Fight with the evil and destroy his minions so you can end the game.

Cordy character can be modified according to your likability in the customization feature. The Cordy 2 also fits into the adventure category and can be tried by the fans of the genre.

[appbox googleplay com.silvertree.cordy2]


Manuganu is an endless running platform adventure game where you run in a prehistoric world full of the dinosaurs, fossils and rocks. The game is about jumping, climbing and running at the right time or you may lose your life. You will be dressed as a prehistoric little boy who is making his way through dangerous challenges. To climb, run or what the need of time you just need to change the game modes. There will be falling rocks and deep pits to jump over. The graphics are better as compared to other platform games because manuganu is a 3D running game with new surroundings and attractive visuals.

[appbox googleplay com.Alper.Manuganu]


Wimp was living happily but a tragedy occurs in his life when the pants he used to wear got stolen. Now he is chasing the thief from place to place so he can get his beloved pants back. In the way, he gonna go through lot of puzzles, wall jumping and many hurdles. Wimp can also teleport and double jump in the game which will keep things interesting. At every new level you will know some new things about the wimp and the challenging level you are playing. There will be some cool boss fights and interesting cute items to collect. Wimp is a great non violent action platform highly suitable for young kids.

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