Everything You Need to Know About PopcornFlix – PopcornFlix Review

PopcornFlix review

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc have been from a long time in the movie streaming business. Many movie buffs are enjoying their services by paying a monthly subscription fee of around $10. Yes, they have a wonderful catalogue and support all major platforms for movie streaming. At the same time free but ad-supported models like Sony Crackle, Tubi TV, PopcornFlix are competing with each other. PopcornFlix is one of the best free movie streaming services on the internet. It’s suitable for the students and for the people who are struggling to pay their bills. There is no monthly subscription fee to watch the movies on their website. But, do they deliver? How good is the quality? These are the questions which pop up in our minds when we are talking about the free services. In this review, we explore all the good and bad about the free streaming service called PopcornFlix. You can also checkout for best free movie site.


User Interface

PopcornFlix has implemented different interfaces for the mobile apps and the web app. When it comes to the web application, all the movies are well categorized with recommended content on the home page and separate sections for each genre. But, at the first glance of the PopcornFlix.com, we may think that it’s a spammy website because of too many ads placed clumsily. Certainly, the homepage design must be improved to make it more appealing and welcoming! The user need not register or sign up to watch movies on PopcornFlix which is great! However, to get the best recommendations and to track the movies you’ve watched you must register on the website.


PopcornFlix stands out when it comes to the collection of their movies when compared to its competitors. You can browse the movies through various categories like drama, comedy, horror, action, thriller, mystery, documentaries, sci-fi, recommended movies, foreign movies, staff picks etc. The search bar is easily accessible at the top right corner of the screen. Just enter movie of your choice in the search bar to find it. The cool thing is the web pages on PopcornFlix are loading at a good speed. The speed is important for the movie websites or else the user will be pissed off and lose interest in watching the movies on it. As we scroll down, the web page displays more and more movies. It says that they have got tons of movies in their catalogue. Some of the exciting random movies on their website are The Wolf of Wallstreet, Terminator 2, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Flash Point, The Silence, Shutter Island etc.


Streaming Quality

The streaming quality of PopcornFlix is much better on the mobile apps than the web app. In the web application, the picture quality looks like a resolution. We can say that the resolution is poor in the web app. It looks burred and pixelated which may spoil our movie experience. However, it looks good in the mobile apps. It’s decent even on the Roku channel.  But, it’s not HD. So, if you are someone who loves to watch movies in high-definition, PopcornFlix is definitely not for you. PopcornFlix must seriously start working on improving the quality of the video.



People subscribe to the services like Netflix and Hulu because they cannot bear watching the stupid advertisements while they are involved in the movie. PopcornFlix runs on an ad-based model. But, are they too many ads? It displays a 20-second ad right at the beginning of each movie. And you’ll watch more of them throughout the run time of the movie depending on its length. You may watch nearly 15 ads for a movie of average run-time.

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