Most Trendy And Popular Games Genre in Android

Most Popular Games Genre Across The World

There are so many smartphone’s game genres that due to the abundance we can’t mention each one in our list. But some of the most famous include casual, puzzle, action, adventure and the multiplayer games. However, nowadays about half of mobile users are inclined towards social and casual games. Where as the least popular is multiplayer universe genre among the users. Lets see some other most popular genres down in our list.


Causal games are the most widely played on Android platform and on other smart phone’s Operating systems. May be due to the reason that most mobile users want to have refreshment for sometime, which they have by playing these small simple games hardly have any high profile graphics.

For example: Blek, Fruit Ninja


Social games are very famous and give the opportunity to interact and meet new people online in this mechanical era, where you hardly meet new people just for some socializing. Such games can be seen as social simulation where you can meet people from all around the globe without spending any money or some serious amount of time.

For instance: Hay Day, Dragon city


Puzzle games are for those people who like to face mental challenges and interested in enhancing their brain power. It is one of the most productive game genre that worth your time.

Such as Flow, Cute the Rope, 2048


At boring times, this genre can give you some adrenaline rush. Most of which would be with your superheroes of science fiction or some comical characters. Whereas guns and cars are also a significant part of it.

For instance: unkilled, Riptide, Asphalt xtreme


Anyone who enjoy playing games like clash of clans, is a strategy lover. This kind of games demand some real brains with creative ability. Although chess is thought to be a classic strategy game that has hardly any match. But there are so many other interesting games that even younger kids may find intensively addictive.

For example: clash of clans, Plants vs. zombies


Break the monotony and get yourself some crazy adventure. Such games have really intense interesting factor. You can be a survivor, solider or a hero from a fantasy world.

For instance: Crashlands, the walking dead


The good thing about card games are they cater conventional card players, and provide the most realistic and unchanged experience they used to had with their real cards. Although there are all kind of classic card games yet people nowadays drawn towards more specific genres of card games, like fantasy card games.

For example Pokemon TCG online, Ascension


The purpose of simulation is to provide player with the most realistic experience he/she can have related to the subject of game. It can be piloting aircraft, or operating a patient being a doctor. A more advanced version of this genre is currently used to train the professionals for close to reality experience it provides.

Such as Simcity buildit, Eggs Inc


Unlike puzzle games, trivia provides brain training at a much higher level and has enormous level of educational approach. Such games are also known as quiz games and the good thing about is that even if you lose you come to know some serious interesting facts or pieces of knowledge.

Such as QuizUp, trivia crack

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