The Best Presentation Apps For Android

Presentation Apps and softwares

If you do not want to miss any career opportunity then presentation app is a great tool to have in your phone. You do not need to carry your laptop everywhere but just your Android phone and you are ready to rock the final presentation. Presentation apps not only allow you to carry previously presented projects every where you go but also can help you to create a simple presentation slide whenever you want.

PPT and Whiteboard Sharing

Downloads: 10k-50k

Reviews: 4

Sometimes sharing your presentation or the idea in your head gets really difficult. PPT is a great tool that can help you out with it. It will upload your great presentation in the cloud. Such would be created by your PCs. Later, you can share it on the group of your choice. And can be accessed by the people of your choice. While you can also draw diagrams and other visual ideas, you want to discuss before adding it to the final presentation. This PPT App also makes it convenient to share the PDF files.

[appbox googleplay]

Google slides

Downloads: 100,000k-500,000k

Reviews: 4.2

Google slides can be your ultimate slide tool which has several options to create slides and edit them. The tool not only helps you to make slides but can also provide the great convenience of editing PowerPoint slides too. Now you do not have to worry about the presentation slides format you are carrying. You just need a Google account to get your slides in the perfect shape.

[appbox googleplay]

Polaris office

Downloads: 10,000k-50,000k

Reviews: 4.3

Polaris office is the perfect office pack and the presentation tool you need. It not only support MS office files but has a great flexibility towards other devices and file formats. You can not only use it as a presentation slide creator but also to share your slides and to edit them when needed. It’s a highly useful app to take handwritten notes or to make hand written alterations into your slides. It is secure for the reason it provides a pass-code for every single document you have.

[appbox googleplay]


Downloads: 10k-50k

Reviews: 4.4

A wonderful Android application that helps you to make presentation at any place or time. It does it all by providing you ultimate access of all your content including PowerPoint, documents, videos and pdfs. Now when you have all your data you can customize it, concordance to the customer needs whenever you want. Although Showpad is premium, yet it really pays off if you are a sale or marketing professional.

[appbox googleplay com.showpad]

Prezi Viewer

For every business professional and career geek, this presentation app for students can be proved as a highly effective tool in the conquest of success. Have all of your presentations ready in your phone and you are always ready to properly avail any opportunity. It works even without internet access so you never cut off from the precious content of presentation you create.

Unlike laptops, it provides a more personal and face to face experience to your client. As you never know when you meet next time a big winner of your domain. If you have this in your pocket you can make some pretty good clients.

[appbox googleplay]

Presentation Maker

Presentation Maker is highly suitable for every professional who had been working on PPT for a very long time. This app for presentation resembles more to the power point in it’s functionality, so you should not have to face any difficulty if you want to make some slides on the Presentation Maker. Keep your Android phone always teamed up with the recently created presentations because you never know when the opportunity knocks at your door next time. If you are getting bored at a party or find yourself stuck in a time killing waiting list, then it is the way you can make your time more productive.

[appbox googleplay com.slidemaker.slideshow]

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