Best Ps2 Emulators for Android To run PlayStation 2 games

PS2 Emulators

Although the Android phone has providing equal amount of gaming fun as that of a gaming console can but consoles have few strengths over smartphones, tablets and devices. The strengths include the number of breath-taking games get developed for consoles are not really available for Android platform and that’s the reason why gaming consoles are called gaming consoles.

They are built for gaming and hardly any multitasking device can compete when it comes to gaming. The good news is that you don’t have to compete but can have one in your Android phone. We are talking about ps2 emulators for Android. PlayStation 2 emulators can run some of the most amazing console’s games such as GTA, NFS Most wanted and Tekken 5 on your Android phone.


PlayStation 2 emulators can run some of the most amazing console’s games such as GTA, NFS Most wanted and Tekken 5 on your Android phone

Just imagine how it will feel to carry a gaming console like Ps2 in your pocket and to have the freedom to play it anywhere, anytime you want. It was a childhood dream for many of us but the Android technology has changed this dream into reality, via which one can perform the complex tasks of big computers today with the machine smaller than an average bread slice size.

Be limitless and expose yourself to the extraordinary experience. While your friends playing smart phone games, you will be the next level gamer having console games in your device. Here is the latest play-station 4 emulators you should give a try.


Why a Ps2 emulator?

Though the mobile phone technology is advancing with leaps and bounds but currently it is not possible for an average smart phone to provide the same gaming experience as that of a latest gaming console. However it’s not impossible but fairly difficult to achieve, but when it comes to Ps2 it is something anyone can do without trying too hard. 

For these Ps2 emulators mentioned in this post are available on Google play store and works really well as compare to their other contenders. You don’t need to download any of the Apk file or anything like that just have one of the Ps2 emulators apps below which are like any other app you use on Android.

Although we have mentioned very few yet names of real Ps2 emulators that are best Ps2 emulators out there.  


[appbox googleplay com.emulator.fpse]


Fpse can come handy for relishing the PS2 experience on your Android mobile. It does not just make your ps2 game run in compliance with the device specifications but also makes sure you have the most stunning high-resolution graphics for each game you play on it. Along with the graphics, game-play gets more pleasing when the sound quality get along with it. Save whenever you want and resume your game without losing any of the checkpoints.

Best ps2 emulator

It can turn your smart phone into a mini gaming console if being attached with the controllers that in conformity with the device. Be pleased by it, as if you are playing on real PlayStation 2 with highly specialized gaming hard wares that FPse too supports. For it has much more in the advance options to make your gaming a top-grade experience.



[appbox googleplay]

DamonPS2 PRO

The DamonPS2, although is a premium ps2 emulator yet its high-speed performance worth buying it. The problem we usually experience with most of the gaming console emulators is, they don’t allow many high-profile games to run on your Mobile phones. But DamonPS2 is free from that flaw and runs about 90% of Ps2 games without any problem. To make your experience better, this emulator allows cheat codes to be used on the games you are playing. If you love ps3 games, don’t worry you can check ps3 emulators.


You can get your games save at every level and can resume with great ease.



Gold PS2 Emulator

With this ps2 emulator, you will hardly feel the difference between the real PlayStation 2 console and Ps2 emulator, once you get indulge in the game. The most prominent reason for it, its physical control option via which you would have same real-time buttons and joysticks you could have on a physical PlayStation 2. See Also: Xbox Emulator

[appbox googleplay emulatorps2.ps2_pro]

Enjoy the past gaming icons like God of war, Tekken, Need for Speed and Sims with the real-time controllers. The console perfectly caters those gamer who had been real big fan of ps2 games and sometimes feel the itch of reviving that gaming experience. If you are battery conscious mobile user then downloading it would not put you in the worry of charging your phone several times a day. As Gold PS2 Emulator is light weight emulator consumes far lesser battery as compared to its contender. For eliminating some boring moments in the game, you can use the fast forward features and save your precious time.



Final words

You may experience some glitches or you may not have the same smoothness of a Ps2 console, for even today the smartphones don’t carry the processor that can run a Ps2 operation in addition with all other apps and features of your phone.



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