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Best Psychology Games For Android To Train Your Mind

Psychology Games are those that play with your mind by manipulating your perceptions. Although the genre is a small niche in it but has a great potential to be a mainstream in the future. These mind confusing games are much better attention grabber and get the best of your interest because you can be surprised that how your mind can be played against you. Such games do not need any competitor or multiplayer to add into the fun because such mind twisting are much fun when player alone. This post has the best Psychology Games you can have on android up till now.

Guess that singer

Guess that singer is although not a mind bender yet requires a specific audible ability to do great. The game is simple you will be made listen to different singers and you got to guess the real vocalist. The game is a box full of your favorite singers and is a dream come true for the people who love listening to music. It requires you to guess not by the voice but also by the lyrics of the song printed on the highly modified picture of the singer, this makes the game greater fun. You can enjoy and share this experience with the music enthusiast fans on the social media.

Best psychology games
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Layers of Fear

Layer of fear is something new to the Google play store as it belongs to a new genre of psychology horror. The game is about a painters who wants to create his magnum opus and here your duty is to help him in doing so. It may sound simple but the game has the ability to pass a chill through you spine and at the same time place with your psychology because there is nothing horrifying and pleasing, it’s just our thinking that makes it so.

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Left alone

Left alone is another horror game in our list that will play with your mindset at its best. Actually left alone is about survival and will make you feel in a horror movie where people get stuck in the middle of nowhere without any help and now they have to make to the end without any clue. The choices game proposes does not based on the rationality therefore you can not make choices quite on the logic but actually see it through a filter of psychological trick.

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This is a marvelous psychology games that has remarkably make android users to learn about their and other psychology with great precision. PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY BRAIN L does not play with your psyche BUT actually uses some simple and interesting tests that can reveal a lot about any person. The small tests such as animal names, paint test and many others can evaluate your or any person with about 85% accuracy, i say. this game is a must have for people, professional or psychology, students and even for those people who are HR executive and found of learning new about human psychology.