Best Android Push ups Apps To Build Muscles

Push ups Apps can prove like a magical spell to get them and maintain their body in shape

It is better to do push ups at home every day than going to gym once a week. For those who are not very committed to the gym or continuously have to move from one place to another because of the demand of their profession. Push-ups Apps can prove like a magical spell to them and will maintain their body in shape.

You will be surprised by the fact that how many different kinds of push-ups are there and how many muscles we can train in push-ups by getting position right. Push ups training program should be a by default app for the Android phones for travelers and co-operate executive. But even if you are none of both the application will show the same promising results on your body too.

Push ups workout

Push ups workout is a technological trainer that can be as much customized as any of your real time personal trainer can be. It will train you concordance to the exercises you have done well or not and your current body status. You will add your age, weight and other details. The system will design a training program for you that will be based on your goals and body type.

But it does not mean that if you have not done well in the first level you will be stuck in with the same one. The system will evaluate your current performance and recommend you push-ups exercises that will be based on the performance on your past level. This makes push ups workout a highly practical approach towards body training. From now you don’t have to worry about counting push-ups, just focus on doing the push ups right and the app will do this for you. There are some pre-determine plans and modes you can accommodate from such as free style and training mode.

[appbox googleplay com.northpark.pushups]

Hundred Pushups

Buckle up and get ready to train yourself for hundred consecutive push-ups. This best push up app will get you train in just six weeks for hundred consecutive pushups. For average young male doing 70 consecutive is like setting tames on fire. Don’t doubt the effectiveness and efficiency of Hundred pushups counter app if you will follow its instruction precisely the next time you will be able to win the 100 pushups bet with your friends.

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Runtastic Push-Ups Workout PRO

This outrages workout app will change into a pushups master. Get your upper body toned up and some strength into your arm with this Runtastic workout. This application will provide you the programs and plans to do push-ups related to the body type you want to gain or the special muscles you want to develop more.

Perform workout anywhere and never miss it again. Let your Android mobile count your push-ups and the time duration your perform it. For those who are training gurus, this has a more challenging way to count their push ups which is by your nose tip to the screen of the phone.

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Push-Up Fitness Tracker

Set your goal with Push-Up Fitness Tracker and see how good you are in doing so. By recording every single exercise via sensors, it can tell you how good you are doing. With this Android push ups App, you can achieve your targets in a more effective way. A great application that can change you from a lazy lad to hulk.

[appbox googleplay com.awesome.scottquach.proximitypush_upcounter]

21 Day Push-Up

Every person do not want to develop their body shape the same way as any other will do. Because the preferences of working out on specific muscle can vary and this ultimately shapes your body. Either you want to work more on shoulders or the chest. Either it is your biceps or triceps. In this personal trainer, you can choose and can make customization according to your demand of body shape and size.

[appbox googleplay com.pumpiron.pushup]

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