10 Best Android Puzzle RPG Games to Play

puzzle RPG will add an addictive factor of mystery and suspense in the game

Role-playing games RPG are always been the best choice among any other mainstream genres. But the puzzle RPG will add an addictive factor of mystery and suspense in the game. There are some pretty awesome Puzzle RPG Games for Android that you must give a try even if not a fan of this genre.

The best part almost all of them are free to play.


[appbox googleplay com.n3twork.legendary]


Legendary: Game of Heroes

  • Match-3 puzzle
  • Weekly events & quests
  • Strategy, cards, battles

Game of Heroes is all about battling, building an army, and moving on the quest in search of special cards. You will be tested as a warrior, adventurist, and as a strategist too. Because you will need this all to do well in this puzzle RPG game. You will need a team of war heroes who can show up their special abilities to make you a victorious player. Move through the fantasy world and need hundreds of characters bearing strange qualities; use them in your army to enhance strength, overcome weaknesses and avoid threats.

You can train those amazing characters and develop them into iconic warriors. The fun of the game gets double when playing it online against friends, chatting with them, and having a great time by playing your favorite game. There are events conducted by the administrator in which you can take part and prove the extraordinary gameplay and the skills you have gained over time.



[appbox googleplay com.clapfootgames.heroforge]


Hero forge

  • MMORPG puzzle
  • 3 modes & leader board
  • Spells, Magic, and adventure

Hero forge, a MMORPG Game full of puzzles, action, combo, and adventure. Take part in the Player vs player mode and cast spells against your opponents because that’s what the game is all about. You will fight against your enemies via destructive spells. There will be hundreds of quests and adventures you will go through and puzzles that will test you to the fullest. Experience a nice puzzle in its three classified modes and show up at the leaderboard of the game. Hero forge is a fantasy world full of journeys, wars, and dungeons.

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[appbox googleplay com.NamcoNetworks.PuzzleQuest2Android]


Puzzle Quest 2

  • Match-3 puzzle
  • Multitude of levels
  • Collect weapons & meet new creatures

Indulge into this strange world of puzzle quest where things are a bit different when it comes to solving match-3 puzzle. You are an adventurist who gonna meet new creatures and collect unique weapons with every passing level. Overcome the challenges, games throw at you and prove your ability and compatibility as a puzzle solver. Use your mind to unfold the magic of puzzle gameplay and enjoy its addictive nature.



[appbox googleplay com.d3p.mpq]


Marvel Puzzle Quest

  • Match-3 puzzle
  • PvP, Marvel locations & upgrade heroes
  • Storyline, Avengers, X-men

Be a Marvel comic book superhero and play with your favorite superhero. You can be Wolverine, Iron man, or Spider-man. Be what you want and use your superpowers to complete each level. If one superhero is not enough you can make alliances with the heroes like Thor, Ironman, and Hulk to solve some specific puzzle challenges. The excitement gets to its extreme in the player vs player mode where marvel heroes stand against each other face to face to snatch the victory.

There are special tournaments held in this, and you can take part in these time-to-time events with other online fans.



[appbox googleplay com.smallgiantgames.empires]


Empires & Puzzles

  • Match-3 puzzle
  • Online battles & upgrading
  • Crafting, castles, alliances

This game is a match-3 puzzle battle where the ultimate motive is to have the greatest Empire. You will flourish your empire in the adversity of battles, by training strong army troops against your enemies. Your Job is not just like a King or General but also as a statesman of an Empire. Build your empire in a way that the enemy could not do any serious harm to, no matter from which direction they attack.

Whereas for the attack, you will have several heroes and troops to march on the battlefield against the most ferocious of opponents.

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[appbox googleplay com.artifexmundi.shrubbery.gp.free&hl=en&gl=us]



  • Match-3 puzzle
  • Dozens of levels & gears collection
  • Wizards, Dragons, Warriors

Spellblade is an epic journey full of fantasy places and fictional creatures. Collecting treasures and highly precious items is the biggest challenge of all. Whereas the game also gonna make you run across dungeons and dragons.



[appbox googleplay com.global.sssx&utm_source=appgrooves&utm_medium=agp_5d061f3db1c336900674ec251a5d1339_com.global.sssx_us_others_16369785360830]


The Matching Dead

  • Match-3 puzzle
  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Built fortress, train heroes, and fight

After a zombie apocalypse, you are among the 10% who have managed to survive from the infectious virus. Now, as you are have not turned into a zombie, you have to survive. In order to survive, you have to recruit people who can help you to fight against the continuous waves of zombies.

You have to train these heroes and provide them with weapons to fight zombies. Fighting other survivors for the resources is also an aspect you have to win in the game.

Built a fortress and defend it against Zombies, like in a tower defense game.

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[appbox googleplay jp.gungho.padEN]


Puzzle & Dragons

  • Match-3 RPG
  • Collecting monsters
  • 2000 monsters, multiplayer, evolutions

A stellar monster-collecting rpg, where you match the orbs to make monsters. These monsters will then fight for you and each monsters’ ability compliments others. Therefore the more of them, the better your chances of winning.

There are 2000 monsters you can collect and each one of them evolves. You can also invite your friends and can make an alliance with them. Though the multiplayer option opens for you after passing a certain level of proficiency in the game.



[appbox googleplay



Puzzle Combat: Match-3 RPG

  • Match-3 puzzle rpg
  • 30vs30 & pvp matches, events
  • Alliances, story-based, weaponary

Make up your team with a medley of characters which might include a mix-up of zombies, brawlers, droids, etc. Upgrade them, provide them with the most formidable of weapons. In this match-three puzzle (rpg), you will be a part of a storyline.

Once you are strong enough to step up into the field, fight 30 vs 30 massive multiple battles with other online players. Or simply can go for PVP. You can upgrade an old weapon or can craft new for more effective ammunition strength. Not just battles but you have to also take care of harvesting food and collecting other items.

There will be weekly and monthly events, taking place at different time & space. Such as in the wild west, apocalyptic world, cyberpunk world, etc. However, if you want to commit longer, you can also go for the Story Campaign.



[appbox googleplay com.herocraft.game.pirates.and.puzzles.match.pvp]


Pirates & Puzzles

  • Match-3 Puzzles
  • PvP and ship customizations
  • Pirates, Battles, Ships

You a pirate, sailing in the oceans to conquer them all. As oceans are far more than the lands of the world, who controls the oceans controls the world. Set on to your pirate adventure of building pirate crew on your ship and you leading them as their captain.

Win PVP battles and gather more of the ships, or build your own. You can also modify them and can change skins, whatever matches your pirate taste. You can join clans or can fight others. Invite your friends over the game or test your skills against those who are already in the oceans.

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