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Retro Games

One of the most iconic games of past two decades used to be in retro graphics. Retro games are those which do not have that high quality graphics that the advance games of today bear, yet are the one who had created foundation of such unbelievable games of today. Although such games of the past are not visually appealing yet they were based on ingenious and novel ideas.

Therefore, we felt the need of making list of best retro games due to the popularity of this classic genre. The reason may vary that why people play such poor graphics when there are other mind-blowing available with breath-taking graphics.

One reason may be that people want to revive the memories of old times when such games could only be played on consoles or there are really good enough that even when other so many games fills the Google Play Store every week, users still want to play them.


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[appbox googleplay eu.bandainamcoent.pacman256]


Pac-Man 256


  • Restored for devices
  • Power-ups
  • Few additional features

The classic legendary Pac man is back with a big bang on Android. There is no better description of retro game that was amazing to play, other than Pac man. It is simple to understand and fantastic to play. Pac man 256 is a bit different from its original version but most of its part is the same. You have to eat as many pellets you can in the least time possible and avoid ghosts while doing so.

An amazing thing to play and to increase the adrenaline. But the best part about it, is that you can download it now without paying anything, just for free.



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[appbox googleplay net.hexage.radiant.hd]

Radiant HD


  • Shoot monster
  • Many levels
  • Boss fights

It is the same classic retro game that illustrates a typical space shooting game of 90’s. Such were so popular that even having the same idea and story-line no one cared that they are playing the same thing with just a new title. Radiant is something you want to play if retro graphic or the retro era is your subject of study.

Radiant hd works the same way as most space game even of today, you have a space ship and shoot the bad guys craft and make your way to the boss where you will end up winning against a giant powerful enemy.


Pixel Towers


  • Build huge tower
  • Puzzle solving
  • Emphasizes on imagination

If you love making things then you will surely like our third game in the list “Pixel towers”. It just asks you to build a tower as high as possible and you will fill the tower with people.

Pixel towers is a good way of doing brainstorming for people who are interested in construction, architecture and engineering because it gives a boost to your imagination and makes you think hard that how can you get a tower as high as possible.




[appbox googleplay com.paradoxplaza.kopp2]


Knights of Pen and Paper


  • Paper & pen RPG
  • Choose your missions
  • Filled with dungeons & monsters

This is a new kind of genre unlike any other conventional. Knights of Pen and Paper is more about a character, towns and dragons. If you are confused, let me tell you, this is about the players playing a different game in the game itself. Each character in this will create character and you got to play with it. It has many other levels and features to unlock. This can be seen as a retro that fix the demand of the users want games into game.

It is an entertaining and far more amusing than that of its other retro competitors.



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[appbox googleplay com.mojang.minecraftpe]

Minecraft: Pocket Edition


  • Building & crafting
  • Resource collection
  • Be innovative & creative


Hardly anyone on this page, haven’t heard about mine-craft, which is an iconic PC game. Now it is getting really popular on the Android mobile devices, with its world of endless possibilities. For those who like to make things with Legos and also those who like to fight with the evil, it is something with the perfect package.

You can make things and craft them at the same time, fulfill your desire to kick ass of the villains. Mine-craft although a bit limited and does not extended to that of the PC version yet it is really amazing to play and give you the same mind-blowing experience as it used to be with the PC.

This is quite expensive as compare to other retro games. But the ratings and the number of the downloads proves that the price tag has not affected the game popularity in any way and could not stopped any mine-craft fan from downloading it.


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[appbox googleplay com.dsd164.snake97]




  • Super simplistic
  • 2D game-play
  • Demands quick reflex


Snake97 is not something that the people found really advance or something out of the box, however it has managed to get 50,00,000 to 10,000,000 downloads. It shows great love of the snake game fans even if they do not own a Nokia phone now. But may be the way, this retro snake is connected to their past memories of initial mobile gaming; no other game can take that place. It is something more of a revival than a new change. But for a casual gamer, it is also being one of the top choices of all times.

The only thing you miss is the button controls Nokia set used to have in those old days, other wise the game is just amazing. Even if you do not want to play this old school for the sake of gaming, you can play it for the revival of old memories you will recall while playing it.


snake old time game
dsd 164

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