Best RPG Games You can Play on Your Android

RPG Games

In RPG, you play a role of a character and do what you have to, all through the story line. RPGs were the most popular and primitive category not for Android but even for PCs and gaming consoles. Role playing games from Aladdin to GTA and from GTA to Temple Run, with every changing devices of time such as desktops, consoles and smartphones. The genre manages to get its great love and admiration from the game enthusiasts. As most number of gamers either not very serious one, play it on Android devices and even among them they like most are the one belongs to RPGs. Therefore we have named some best role playing games on Android platform.


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[appbox googleplay com.makingfun.mageandminions]



  • Face zombies, demons & monsters
  • Collect treasure & loot
  • Visually pleasing environment

For those who want to shoot and fight with bad guys in RPG should play Mage and Minions. This is about saving the world by getting on the adventure journey with your friends. The villain is a Ragadam who wants to dominate and destroy all the world, your job is to see him in doing so and protect your home Earth.

Eternium’s graphics are really amazing and makes it appeal of some recent device unlike most RPGs. While you just need to use your common sense to operate gaming controls, such is the simplicity and ease of playing it. It has lot more to do apart from just saving the world, you can use your imagination to craft different weapons and things in the pursue of your mission. You will also confront with demons and horrific skeletons which you have to fight to make your way to the end.

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Heroes and Castles 2


  • 3rd person role-playing
  • Multiplayer as team members
  • Defend your castle

In this, you will protect your castles and fight to the end in doing so. There will be battles and wars you got to fight. The game seems to be inspired by ancient times of wars, castles, kings and war heroes. To make things glorious in a battleship, you have to play with all your presence of mind and sense of purpose.  Because Heroes and Castles is not just any Role Playing, it involves a great number of characteristics that usually belongs to a strategy game. That’s why it requires a lot of tactical thinking and reasoning.

When it comes to the graphics, there is hardly any match of the game in our list of best RPG games. You will see the detailed orientation and specific nature of graphic objects.




[appbox googleplay com.harebrainedschemes.shadowrun]

Shadowrun Returns


  • A future world
  • Learn magic & Technology
  • Everything seems so advance

Shadowrun Returns is a role-playing which is fighting game in nature where you will find yourself into a weird town and fight with thugs. You will do it with a group of friends, something like a team. Each member of your team will have a specific specialty or quality that will overpower the opponent, you just need to keep an eye on the fight and make your decision with great care and keeping the powers of your team members in concentration. If you do it properly there is hardly a chance of your defeat.

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Harebrained Schemes


Dungeon Hunter 5


  • Be dungeon hunter
  • Fight prodigious monster
  • Live up this adventure RPG


A quest game in which you act as a warrior and have to kill many strange creatures called dungeons. To make your job easy, you will be given many different weapons specialized for each dungeon. You can upgrade your weapons as you proceed in this. There are about 900 weapons up gradation you can do to your weaponry. You can play this on multiplayer mode which makes it more exciting. The graphics are full of the colors and are of animated category.

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Blood Brothers


  • Vampires & blood thirsty creatures
  • Fight an army of vampires
  • Horrifying theme

An interesting story line about a vampire who is developing his army to fight against another strong Empire. It has very elegant and gothic theme which really appeals the teenagers and vampire fans. In this, you will be act as the vampire and there are about 8 different heroes among which you can choose the one you like.

Although it is not for kids because of the violent content it contains but for horror game lovers, it’s a gem. The graphic goes with the theme properly and make it appear more attention grabbing to the audience.



[appbox googleplay de.mobilebits.soulcraftdefault]



  • A world of staggering chaos
  • Angel as protagonist
  • Restoring peace in the world


Nothing can be more adrenaline rushing than being a dragon warrior. The story line as you can get the idea is about ancient time where you have to fight against evil and the dragons to again enlighten the beacon of hope. Soul craft is full of the action and thrill with 100 of different weapons you can play with. Initially introduced as an offline single player RGP but now you can enjoy it as a multiplayer mode. You must try it if you are RGP enthusiast because it gives you the chance to live life legend.

It would not let you bore because it has much more such as numerous items, several characters and countless interesting locations.


[appbox googleplay de.mobilebits.soulcraftdefault]

Doom and Destiny Advanced


  • Retro graphics
  • Stop dungeons
  • Dungeon crawler RPG


A fabulous retro style RPG includes a quest. The game has a bit of a comical touch but those who love retro graphics will instantly fall under its spell. It has a single player mode called Arena while you can also fight with the other characters the game includes in multiplayer. There are about 15 characters you can play and fight against in this. It may sound boring but it is not, its 500 location and 60+ costumes make it a bit of an eye candy.

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