Will the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Wow Samsung Fans?

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has introduced their latest flagship, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It’s another large screen phablet which looks a lot like its predecessor the Note 8. The Note 9 has moved on some way with key changes like the yellow S-pen, better camera hardware and software and in general a sleeker design which is likely to pull Samsung fans away from the S9, S9 plus and purchase The Note 9.

Samsung unveiled the Note 9 at Unpacked in New York on the 9th of August 2018. It is available to purchase in the UK on pre-order with deliveries expected just after the release date on the 24th of August 2018. As expected the Note 9 comes with a hefty price tag of £899 for the 128GB model and £1,099 for the larger 512GB model.

Samsung Note 9 – Build and Design

There’s no denying that it is a stunning handset with some major upgrades on the Note 8. Samsung has made the Bezel slimmer allowing an increased screen size jumping from 6.3 inches to 6.4 inches. Even after the increase in screen size the phone dimensions are very similar to the previous.

The choice of colors has increased too. The Note 9 comes in Blue and Black with some countries blessed to receive the Metallic Copper option. Samsung has again opted to keep Gorilla Glass 5 on the back and front of the handset. Samsung has again opted to keep the headphone jack which will no doubt impress Samsung users.

The handset has kept its usual curvy design and infinity display which made the Note 8 a popular device. One notable change is the weight of the handset, there has been a huge jump to 205 grams due to the larger 4000 mAH battery. This gives the Note 9 a longer battery life but it has made it one of the heaviest phone.

The side of the Note 9 now has a speaker but keeps the USB-C port, Power & volume keys and S-pen holder. As standard the Bixby button still features on the side of the device. It comes with more RAM, a new faster processor and a better S-pen. The storage has also increased with possibility of up to 512GB storage. It loudly expressed this is the first mobile phone that’s 1 terabyte ready. Users can add a 512GB microSD card make the 512GB device the first terabyte mobile phone in the market. Also check: Increase battery life of Android

Without a doubt the Note 9 is worth the price. It comes with higher specs including wireless charging, IP68 waterproof, fast charging and 4G LTE. The Camera on the Note 9 is like the S9. Samsung has added some new camera software which includes Scene optimiser and Flaw detection.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Software

The Galaxy note 9 comes with Android 8.1 Oreo. Samsung has confirmed the device is ready for the next upgrade to Pie in the future. Overall the software is very similar the S9 with major difference being the built-in DeX which is currently featured in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. You can share the Note 9’s desktop experience on a monitor without the need for a docking station which was required on the Note 8. It comes as standard with the cool AR Emoji feature and of course Bixby.

The Note 8 in a Nutshell

It is faster than the Note 8 with a larger screen, more memory and more storage. Note 9 has great battery life, and a fingerprint free finish. It does come with a hefty price tag but the upgrades on the Note 9 are worth it. Most consumers will buy the device on a pay monthly plan which are expected to be similar in price to the iPhone X.


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