Samsung Galaxy S8 and Plus Review

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Best Device Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus Reviews


  • Long lasting battery
  • Appealing and easy to handle design
  • Fast processor
  • Reasonable camera result
  • highly customizable


  • iris recognition feature does not work properly
  • speakers are below average in sound
  • fingerprint recognition system is located at odd side


Galaxy s8 and s8 plus Specs:

Samsung Galaxy s8 and s8 plus has astonished the market with their breath taking design but what it has inside matter most. S8 and s8 plus, both have octa core processor and 4 GB of RAM. Both can store 64 GB of data while 256GB of data can be stored with the assistant of external memory card. The back camera is 12 Mp while the front is of 8MP.

The screen size varies from s8 to s8 plus, s8 bears the screen size of 5.8 inches while s8 plus is about half an inch larger with 6.2 inch screen. The weight obviously varies due to the difference in screen size. S8 weights 155 g and s8 plus 173 g.

When it comes to the other hardware specs such as charging speed and water resistance then both are un beatable.


With its infinity display galaxy s8 design has made its way to the heart of android users and the curved of the display is really liked by the reviewers. If it comes to design the galaxy s8 plus is 9 out of ten.

galaxy s8 design and performance


As most of you know that this new piece of art comes with the Nougat Version of Android and therefore upgraded, although not in the hardware aspect yet in terms of android version. The users stated that they have not encountered any problem with processing in speed while running high specs mobile apps and games.


When it comes to the battery, we can say, not bad. However, it can give you on screen 4 hour battery timing which if cannot set to be extra ordinary yet a reasonable time for phone with such specification.

samsung s8 battery life


Both s8 and s8 plus have the same camera hardware specs of their pre successor but even then the Operating system has upgraded a bit to make camera experience a bit better in this model.


The galaxy s8 is equipped with Google assistant and with revolutionary bixby which has changed the way people do online shopping. Using bixby you can search a product or thing you don’t know the name of by putting your camera in front of product and bixby will recognize it and help you to find online.

s8 software and hardware