Security Apps For Android

Security Apps For Android
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Best Antivirus and Security Apps For Android To Protect Your Data

With the increasing use of the Android smartphones, the number of spam, viruses and malware attacks has been enhanced tremendously. There is little number of the people that have never been attacked by spam and viruses in their lives since they are using android phones. Fortunately there are many security apps for android that can guard your phone against such inconveniences. But the problem is only few of them are worth using. Following are some Android safety applications that is a mush have for every Android user.

DuckduckGO Search and Stories

As most of us don’t care about the information our search engine provides to different businesses, yet it causes the large number of the spams we receive on our Emails. Duckduckgo is search engine app that is famous for not grabbing the info of its users. However, it displays some advertisement but it is not that bad. Start using this search engine instead of Bing and yahoo is a first step in the direction of more secure digital world.

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Best apps for security


GlassWire : Data Usage Privacy

Being one of the most amazing privacy App, it gets you aware about all the details of the data other apps on your phone obtaining. This app is highly useful application that can cease the suspicious activities of random apps that sometimes get into your android device, you without knowing it and consistently grab the data from your phone. GlassWire will show the amount of info every app is grabbing from your device and in what proportion.


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If you always forgot your password due to having so many of them and don’t really trust any reliable software to collect of those for you then LastPass is the solution for you. It will not only secure all your PIN codes and passwords with great confidentiality but also facilitate you of never remembering more than one password, only the master password. Downloading this app in your android phone will add up to your convenience.

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If you are troubled by nosy siblings or friends then this is the thing for you just have this application and every time you get out of an app of your android device it will demand password to reopen. Each and every application on your phone will have a password security on it without which none of your data can be accessed. This Applock is also beneficial for the parents having young kids who always try to mess with the phone, as it is more like of a parental control but on the parents phone it.

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Although signal is a calling and messaging app that it is high level of security it provides to the users compelled to add this application in the list.. It uses entirely end to end encrypted data. It is a great option for the android users who prefer security over friendly user system. Signal is an app worth trying for security and privacy conscious users.

Its other part of texting and calling is also outstanding in which you can use features such as  media, voice calls, group messaging without getting into the hustle of putting login and the PIN codes.

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Avast Antivirus & Security

With the Increasing number of the internet use, there are thousands of unreliable website launching every day. Avast Antivirus & Security can help you to protect from such websites that are carrying malware by blocking them. It also blocks unwanted calls on your android phone by using the blacklist feature. This makes it a complete security app for android smartphone.

Apart from the security it provides, it others features give you the full hold of mobile control and activities. You can observe the activities of each and every application in your phone and what data they are gathering. Like some battery saving apps, you can block wifi access to some of the particular apps. If you are suspicious about app that can work offline but continuously using the internet and ,makes you feel it is gathering your unnecessary data then you can use the app in save way by cutting its off from the wifi access.

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If you are tired of dealing with the continuous malware receiving on your phone then there is an app especially designed for malware. Unlike, any other security app AVL only specializes in identifying and blocking malware to reach your device. If you have a question that why should you have AVL as all other security apps provide additional features along with the malware blockage, then let me tell you when it comes to malware there is no match of AVL. In a recent test, it has scored 100% in recognizing every malware without a single error.

Although the app is available for free on Google play store yet you can enjoy some additional features if you go for Pro version.

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Kaspersky internet security

Kaspersky is the complete app for security to deal with the phishing and data theft issues. If you are one of those people who had previously got their Facebook account hacked but has no clue to know what to take the proper precautionary measures then Kaspersky is the real time and one of the great security apps for android to get you out from the trouble. It also gives you the protection from other viruses on internet that tries to breach your security to get inside if your android device such as Malwares.

The app charges 15$ for the single user but who has paid once for the application every time he needs it for another phone it will charge only 5$.


Lookout protects you from identity theft, spyware, malwares or data theft and other viruses that are exploiting the data on your android phone. The application has a great number of features and categories it can protect your device from. Although the capability provided by the feature is not surely being estimated yet the app can be seen as a first step in the direction of save internet. The increasing rate of cyber crimes and the manipulating ways giant organization gathering your personal info on the name of studying consumer behavior and improving their customer services has become a common excuse behind which they are harming your privacy. Although you do not use the internet or social media network much but if you have a phone, then it’s a must have application on your android device.

Lookout comes with a lot of features but one who has a premium version can avail from the facilities and features it provide and you will only get the app protection along with mobile location feature for free.

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