5 Best & Popular SEGA Games For Android

Sega has ruled the console industry for a reasonable time and gave some terrific game-play icons to the gaming industry. Although there is not any such Sega console competing with the high-profile mainstream consoles yet even today best Sega games are quite popular among casual gamers of smart phone.

These old Sega games are classic and for being timeless can be played by any generation no matter how old they get. Therefore, we have brought up some of the most splendid SEGA games list ones was the top-notch of gaming industry. But now you can be pleased with them on your Android.


SEGA games list



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[appbox googleplay com.mrdgame.mrd]


Crazy Taxi Tycoon


  • Be the crazy taxi king
  • Establish your taxi empire
  • Each taxi will make you earn


In this idle game, you are not mere a taxi driver but a business man who owns such dozens of taxis. Each taxi is your property and the more each of them earn will add up in your profits. Actually it’s a good thing if drivers drive crazily because this will make you earn much faster. With the earned money, you can reinvest it in the cab industry, so it can generate a better source of passive income. Earn as much as you can and grow your taxi business to a majestic level. It is business simulations for those Android games revive their Sega memories.



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[appbox googleplay com.sega.streetsofrage.classic]


Streets of Rage Classic


  • Cop crime fighting
  • 3 playable characters
  • City full of crime


You are a cop in such a place where crime is a part of life. Being a cop, you are the guardian and sole responsible for regaining the piece of the city. You will encounter drug lords and gang leaders whom gonna try to kill you. But this is your job and you are fighting for honor. If things continue this way, the city will soon change into a crime hub.

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[appbox googleplay com.sega.wwetap]


WWE Tap Mania


  • WWE fighting
  • Multiplayer challenges
  • Power-ups


Live the life of Wwe celebrity wrestlers who has hundred thousands of fans. Fight with other famous wrestlers and personalize your own favorite character. As you will continue fighting, you will gradually gain the powers with each passing level with the global icon of wrestling and show how good your moves are if you got some.



[appbox googleplay com.sega.gunstar.classic]


Gunstar Heroes Classic


  • Battle shooting
  • Saving the world
  • Sega icon


An insane General has gone crazy and turned up to your region for do the conquest of killing. Only you can stop it with companionship of red and blue, two brothers that can fight this evil side by side. Stop it until you take up the lives of innocent.

Become familiar with this classic thriller of Sega that has brought the feeling to your Android screen. Put in all your effort to win the war, no matter what it takes. You have to make some difficult decision and the choice will be always of yours.

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[appbox googleplay com.sega.sprint]


Sonic Forces


  • Classic endless runner
  • Set traps or dodge some
  • Do the sprinting

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Today endless running has grown into a genre itself but this wasn’t the case at the time of original sonic. In fact this was not a genre at that time. Putting milestones to this journey Sonic Forces had made great contribution to the gaming itself. Not entirely like the current endless running scenario where the player continue running until being hit or caught by something. Sonic is a game that needs no introduction no matter of which region of the world the gamer belongs to. Run in this 3D platformer where sonic can use his super somersaults to cover great distances and hurdles in no time.

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