Creating a Simple ListView App in Android

ListView App development

Create Basic ListView App in Android Studio

The list view App is the perfect one to be any beginner’s first step they want to develop. Because the simplicity of the app will not let you get stuck in several different steps where it gets hard to start again when something goes really messy and because of not having any experience you know it when it gets too late.

The List View is simple as I have mentioned above. It will show data in the form of the list. You can create further to-do list out of it, a flashcard or any other application that has personal or public application. Do not think you can’t do anything different from the one we are showing in the post. As I always say you can colors and different themes that will make your app more original and more of a professional work.

  • 1- Download Android studio on your Pc from the Android website
  • 2- Open Android studio and click on file where drop down menu will appear.
  • 3- Now create new Project. From now you have write the name of your project appear after click on new project.
  • 4- Now create Java file and the layout file.
  • 5- Add the string of items you want to see appearing on the list in the java file. Now in the same way try to create a layout file where you the widget of list view will be dragged by you and save the file after final alteration.
  • 6- Link both the java and the layout file together.
  • 7- To get the items into an array use the ArrayAdapter. It will get the items into array of series.

Now you are ready to go.

Here is the complete tutorial for listview development.


We have mentioned the basic steps in the text while the detailed demo of App Development is available in the tutorial. But if you find any difficulty you can always search for it. Try to make your Application step by step as you watch the tutorial. Don’t try to do it at once because it will increase your chances of error and thinks might get a bit messy if you are developing Android app for the very first time.