Skateboard Games To Learn New Tricks

Skateboard Games to do stunts with friends


Skateboarding has been a craze among the youngsters for a long time and its increasing. This love for skateboard has led to the release of so many Android games that many are enjoying today. Besides some flappy games there is some really good stuff available in the Genre that real time skaters will enjoy. The games added in the list has qualified by gaining remarkable reviews and number of the downloads. Therefore if any of these may sound a bit over rated you must try it by yourself.



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Skater Boy

  • 85+ addictive levels
  • 3 terrains
  • Simple gameplay

A simple skateboarding in which you will be skating down the road and just need to worry about jumping at the right time. It has been not cluttered with so many functions and button controls. It only has accelerate and the jump buttons. Skater boy is simple but not boring, it is equipped with 90 levels and 3 surroundings to play in. It also serves the purpose of casual Gaming for being a simple 2D and at the same time a point of interest for skateboard fans.




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Rat On A skateboard

  • 3 game modes
  • 7 different tracks
  • Perform stunts

As the name tells all, there will be a Rat on A skateboard. You have to make sure no harm should be done to the rat, as there will be hurdles in the form of fruits and basketballs that will fall on the skateboard. You will be skating the skateboard and make sure the mouse reaches safely to the final destination. The skateboard and the tracks are finely crafted. But you will enjoy the twisted tracks and the casual game play.

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Donut Games




[appbox googleplay com.trueaxis.trueskate&hl=en]

True Skate

  • Close to reality physics
  • Slow motion, rewind & user replay
  • Global leaderboard

A high graphic skating game with more realistic approach towards the sport. You will be doing stunts on bowls and railing of stairs, instead of just skating. It is really close to reality when it comes to the physics it provides and while playing you will feel like that you are holding a gaming console control, instead of Android device. This is because of the high definition graphics you rarely find in such games. It has different competitions you can compete for and the leagues you can participate in. True skate is more appealing to the hardcore fans because it is based on their real live scenario.




[appbox googleplay com.djinnworks.ssp&hl=en]


Stickman Skate Battle

  • 1 vs 1 competitions
  • Training modes & tutorials
  • Daily & weekly tournaments

Stickman Skate Battle has managed to gain best reviews in our list. It’s not just the favorite of American or Europeans but a top notch of 50 different countries. It includes daily and weekly online tournaments in which there are world wide skating fans and with lot of options to play in. the 1vs1, domination, high score battle and the training mode are few of several different modes it includes. It also comes with tutorials, provide you with the deep insight of game play. Along with all these, you can choose one of 22 characters and skate in 10 fabulous parks. Stickman Skate Battle gets to the next level with Android TV support, when all your friends become the part of your game play. There is no wonder how this has secured such high rating of 4.8.




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