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Although it seems anti social behavior to play the games on socializing although of interacting with real beings but sometimes what you want is just a bit fun of experimentation without fear of you can’t make mistake. People may criticize you for being so long on the social media sites or playing such games but in this way you will understand patterns and human behavior better which will in turn affect your emotional intelligence and help you improve the quality of your relations with others. Anyhow it can’t be encouraged to be a game worm.

Keeping in view the significance and demand for such, we have made a carefully reviewed list of best social games one can play on Android.


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The Sims FreePlay


  • Live your second life
  • Interact with other humans
  • Do the daily activities

People who have previously played other versions of Sims either on desktop or console, knew that there is nothing in it except socializing. Every player focuses on one or two specific aspects of our real life such as adventure games but in Sims, you don’t have any super powers and guns. You just need to work on your relationship with others. Mostly it is your family you live with in the game.

The Sims has taken the step further of living like a common man in a digital world and see how better you can do it. You have to do everything related to real life such as making your home, decorating it, getting married and starting a family. The Sims. as most of you would have already know was an online sensation and known as one of the most addictive social games. If you really want to get your hands on social then this might be the best choice. If you have already played it then there are several others in our list below.

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  • Psychology social game
  • Mind of others
  • Guess the right answer

Lies and fakeness is an unavoidable part of socializing which most find really painful. Especially for those people, this can do really well in coping with the harsh unfortunate behavior of our society. It helps them teach how to deal with it and accept it as a part of reality.

It is quite simple game, everyone including you have to lie and it is not lying actually everyone knows that any person who is playing have to give a fake answer, therefore there is nothing about deceiving and lying to anyone. You will ask a question and the other person who would be a stranger will fake about the answer. Now you have to guess about the real answer and in turn you will get the points.

Psych is based on reality more than any other social games for Android. Because you have the opportunity to interact real human beings rather than AI system. It is quite addictive game, interesting and frustrating at some point due to its level of difficulty. If you are confused that either you will like this or not then let me tell you that the game is developed by Warner bros.


Socializing games online
Warner Bros. International Enterprises

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Hay Day


  • Be a farmer
  • Welcome visitors
  • Interact with neighbors


Hay day is a 2D game based on life of the farmers. There are many games on farming and farms but its novelty lies in the interaction with other players also acting as farmers. You will play on the internet where you will trade goods and interact like a real-time farmer with other online players. You have to grow your farm and try to make it as better as you can. There are animals, trucks, boats, building and lot of different items. Among few you can buy with your credit card. The things you grow, you will sell to others and build not just your farm but your town hall too. And in turn people from the outside may side visit town you have developed.

Hay day seems a bit flappy but its users from 122 countries is not a joke. It has pretty natural environment with sunshine and greenery everywhere. A social game like a clash of clan. Although they may vary in genre.


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Words With Friends Classic


  • Word making game
  • Play with global participants
  • Challenge your friends & make scores


An interesting scrabble like game having downloads in hundred millions. You will play it with friends or any one online. It is a bit different from scrabble and you have to rely more on your strategic skills than that of vocabulary. Words with friends is a highly addictive and once you play it, you may never want to switch it off. It is really fast paced, therefore for a challenge or two you don’t need much time. You can play it in free time and at breaks. A real fun that you must give a look at.


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Dragon City


  • Dragon simulation
  • 500+ dragons
  • Chat with others

Indulge yourself into the fantasy world of the dragon city where you can build structures similar to Harry Potter movie, while train dragons and combat with the other players around you. Every player you will interact will have their own city. They either may be your friends or the enemy? It depends. You can visit the friends and can have combat with the opponents. When it comes to the dragons, this feels like a dragon pet video game, in which you take care of your dragon, train them and even make the dragon breed.

You can even create more powerful and hybrid breeds of dragons and there is no limit to it. Because there are about 95+ DRAGONS in that and you can choose which you think is the best. If you are tired of breeding and battling with the dragons you can look at your city from the view of architecture and can create some new infrastructure.

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