Positive and Negative side of Software piracy in 2018

Software piracy in 2018

Software Piracy is one of the major concern of many software companies and there is a reason for that too. A Report from the Business Software Alliance shows that 42 percent of software installed globally is not properly licensed or pirated that results in loss of over $63 billion.

There are many things associated with software piracy but for the sake of this article, we will stick to the positive and negative side of the software piracy in 2018. So, let’s dive in.

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Positive Impact of the Software Piracy

I know it will sound weird but yes there is some positive side of the software piracy too and what it is, let’s find out…

Accessibility and Free to allThat’s the only good thing about pirated software, people can think off. Pirated software is accessible and free to all. You don’t need to have some license or go anywhere. Pirated copies of almost every software, games or movies are available online for free. Just log on to the respective site and download the software you are looking for.

Negative Impact of the Software PiracyHmm, so here we go. Software Piracy is the thing which has too many negative sides rather than positive. Some of them are listed below.

Huge Loss to Software IndustryThere is the various report which clearly shows that how much loss the software industry is facing due to this software piracy issue. They spend lots of money on researching and developing the product, and once they are done with this, companies like pirate bay or offline pirating companies make it easy for downloading it by torrents.

Although torrents are one of the major reason for data piracy but some torrents do provide the copyright-free content, you can check the list here

Illegal Activity in Every CountryThere is no point in discussing this fact as the heading is self-descriptive. Piracy is Illegal everywhere and you can really get in some serious trouble if you are into it. So be careful!

No further Upgrades Software or anything pirated comes with no further updates or are of very old version. Yes, it is true. Majority of the times the pirated software is out of date which really can harm your development work if you are using these kinds of software for professional work.

Increase in the price of Actual SoftwareSoftware developers are human too and they too eat and have a family. So, it’s obvious that they need money in order to do all this. Where does the money comes from, from the software they are making but if it is pirated then they must have to improve the price of the software to compensate the loss which indirectly affects the genuine users who are using the software.

Lack of Technical Support and Documentation If you are using a genuine product then you must understand the need for technical support when needed and the documentation. This is not the case with the pirated software as they don’t come with any kind of documentation and technical support. So, if you ever get stuck in a pirated software, you are on your own or Google.

So, these are some of the positive and negative sides of the software piracy in 2018. There is much more than this but we will talk about that in the next article. If you have any doubts or issue then feel free to use the comment section. Thanks