5 Best Android Sonic Running Games For SEGA Fans

There is a wide range of variety for sonic running games on Android.

Sonic is one of very few legendary video games by SEGA that has covered a long journey from arcade to Android device. But hardly anything about the sonic have changed. I mean the spirit and admiration of players, sonic has entertained generations after generations. We are the lucky generation because there is so much we can have as an option, when it comes to sonic games online. There is a wide range of variety for sonic running games on Android. Following are some of them among the best ones.

Sonic Dash

Enjoy sonic dash game with 3D surroundings where sonic is a hedgehog. Play and enjoy it through several amazing stages. The levels are unique and have different environment every time you play it.

However, the original game had not that much of the hurdles for it was designed to play the sonic on fast paced, but this one will have hurdles and items to collect. So you got to jump, slide or much more 3D game demands. If you are one of those sonic fans who had played it in 90’s then you will be more than happy in reviving the sonic experience in 3D.

Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic

Play the sonic epic adventure in a whole new way. Either go for fight mode or for attack mode. Either way the game will take you to the places you never had been with sonic. But not alone, you will be accompanied by the gang of sonic fans. They will provide you with new abilities and power. Using other characters you can fly, climb walls and do whatever powers the characters have, according to the need of moment. See Also: Nintendo Ds Emulator

[appbox googleplay com.sega.sonic1px]

Sonic Forces

You will race with sonic characters and do it on the track. The race would not be like other, but full of action and thrill. As you know no one runs like the sonic and its so true for this Sonic running game.

You will use your super speed to make it to the end. While can also use fireballs against the hurdles and enemies. You would also enjoy the race with many other characters.

Sonic Jump Fever

Race against time with sonic and let everyone know you can do it far better than anyone else. Either choose sonic or any other of his friend. Complete the race on time and try to beat up the best score. Your performance gonna show up on the score board via which your friends would compete against you. One of the best sonic racing games that has put the thrill of multiplayer in sonic.

[appbox googleplay com.sega.sonicjumpfever]

Sonic Pyramids

Sonic Pyramids is about the pyramids theme of sonic game which is far more fun. Because now you are not just racing against time but also finding treasures going through maze within pyramids. The game is really outstanding and will make you experience sonic from a new dimension.

[appbox googleplay com.bihidev.sonicpyramid]

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