Stay Anonymous On Your Device With Tor

Stay Anonymous On Your Device With Tor

It is really very essential to keep your identity private and online data safe from the hackers and various other sources. With tor, you could protect your web history from the eyes of others. This is really great for the desktop users as they can easily plug in or install without any problem. Even for them, who want to access deep web. Staying anonymous is not an easy task on the Android device as it is more complicated to do it. In this article, you would come to know how you can stay anonymous on your Android phone.


Before these three applications required for getting Tor on your phone, you should check whether it is rooted or not. This is because the required applications, you would not be able to find on the Google Store, you just have to make sure that you are enabling application installation from the other unknown sources. Once you get the root access, then you would be able to install and download OrWall, Orweb and Orbot. With these applications, you would never face any problem while using it on your phone.

Install Orwall

It has been developed by Swizz privacy activist and it is a firewall for the Android device which would make all of your phone application to use the Tor network to transmit their data. If an application is not able to use the Tor network for accessing the internet, then data connection would get blocked for sure.

Once installation of APK is done, then you should reboot the device and complete the arrange wizard for the purpose of activating the background process. If you have a backup, then you would be able to open the Orwall application section to start choosing which application would be using the Tor.

Install Orbot

Orbot is the strong connector. It helps in facilitating the data passage from your application to the network. It would be important for you to understand that it is really vital to have both Orwall and Orbot installed properly on your phone.

At the time of opening the application, you would have to finish the setup wizard as it is an important task which you need to perform. Once it is done, then you only you have to do is pressing long the center power button to activate Orbot. For changing your Tor identity at any time to a different IP address, you just need to swipe across the screen.

Install Orweb

As you already know that the Orbot helps in creating the connection to Tor and Orweb help in allowing you to use it for the purpose of web surfing. It helps in bypassing many network restrictions so that you would be able to get in some quality Reddit browsing. There is no set up needed to start using Orweb. You just have to open the application and wait to see a ‘’success’’ message on the homepage. Once you get the message, it clearly indicates that it has been successfully connecting to the Tor.

The Guardian Project has been consistently working on a new Orweb version which contains features like mobile versions of websites and tabbed browsing. It is still in its development stage and currently not supportable on Lollipop devices but the Kitkat users can use it.

Also, you should not worry about its legal status as it is completely legal to use on your Android phone. You are not going to jail or get fined for using Tor. But, make sure you are not indulging yourself in any legal activity. There have been reports of users being questioned by their local law enforcement and ISP regarding their habits of browsing because the ISP’s logs reveal that the users are connecting to Tor. It is real fact that most of the Tor users are trying to sustain their anonymity for obvious reasons. While using it on your phone, make sure you are keeping yourself away from the illegal activities. By staying anonymous on your phone, you would be able to access all the blocked sites, onion links and deep web contents easily.

Over to You

With the help of the above applications, you would able to keep your entire data safe and secure, but make sure you are considering all the vital factors before using it. Tor does a great job at masking and rerouting the online presence. If you have not tried it now, then you should try it now!

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