Best Android Stealth Games You Should Play

Best Stealth Games For Android Mobile

Every one of us has a small, little spy inside which we want to bring out after watching James Bond or Bourne Series. The good news is that we can do all what a spy can in a game. Stealth games are really good at making us feel like a secret agent and provide great entertainment for those who are tired of their same boring routines and 9 to 5 jobs.

Hitman Go

Being an authentic spy game, it will give you close to reality feel and you have to make the decision as if you are a real secret agent. It is like solving the puzzle by calculating your every moves and making it at a specific time. You have to hit your target with the least resistance possible. It may appear like a first person shooting game, but there is nothing like that in this, because it’s not the body what makes a good agent but the mind.

Sharping your mind and calculate your enemies move to make the right hunt. Graphics are unconventional and impressive if you see it as a smartphone game while the other components such as the background sound and the features are just amazing to play. A nice secret agent game who wants to this genre a try on Android.

[appbox googleplay com.squareenixmontreal.hitmango]

Space Marshals 2

It seems like you will play the role of an assassin in a future world with futuristic guns. You are one man army against your hundreds of rivals. You will be given life chances, weapons and the tools but most helpful element of the game you can use is the environment to your advantage. Use your surroundings to weaken the enemy and play to your strengths. Let them feel they won the game and then shock them with your sudden attacks. The space marshals is full of suspense and thrill. There are 65+ weapons with ultra-modern high tech design. There are 20 deadly missions that will test you to the end.

[appbox googleplay com.pixelbite.sm2]

Secret Agent Spy Survivor 3D

Secret agent will not only give you chance to play as a spy nut also has a crime fighter against the dangerous mafia of city. The game starts when you are attacked by some terrorists while flying on a helicopter and the story starts when you end up on the land. Your job is to first survive and then thrive to make the city a save place for common citizen.

This Android action spy game is about taking situational approach towards your every anti- terrorist campaign where you are one vs. hundred. It is all about how quick you make the decisions and how good is your presence of mind.

[appbox googleplay com.level9.gangster.sniper.stealthescape]


CounterSpy puts up the responsibility of saving the world on your shoulders from the deadly weapons. It is the era of cold war where leaders of the world behaving like loose canon and preparing weapons that can break the line of entire human race. It is your job now to make sure that the world again has the peace.

Full of stunning graphics and mesmerizing visuals it takes you into the different world of yours, where you are a spy. Challenges and missions filled up with variation elements that keep the things interesting. For every spy shooting game lover it can be a reasonable choice to go with.

[appbox googleplay]

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