Best Stock Market Mobile Apps

Guardian Apk

Traders across the globe continue to migrate to mobile applications. According to a recent survey by JP Morgan, volume on mobile apps has increased more than 31% year over year from 2017. The survey also showed that traders are “extremely likely” to transact on their app compared to only 18% at the beginning of 2017. A solid mobile app which enhance your trading experience and allow you to remain informed above market movements around the clock. There are a number of features that you need to analyze when you view a mobile app.

Before you choose the app that is right for you need to determine if it gives you with the information you need to successfully trade. It includes news, charts and real-time quotes. Some apps also provide analysis and education. There are many others that allow you to use demonstration accounts, where you trade demo funds as opposed to risking your hard-earned capital. By test driving a mobile app, you can make sure it holds up well during volatile market conditions and does not crash when you need to execute your trade the most. Make sure you can easily move from section to section and do not get bogged down in your execution screen when you need to manage your risk. 

You can download nearly all the apps on the market via Google play or the App store. Most of the better apps are free of charge but some charge fee. You should perform your due diligence before using a new app, to make sure that it’s security is state of the art. Here are some of the best mobile apps.


While the name says it all, they are FX related broker, this company checks all the boxes when it comes to trading shares. They have multi-asset capabilities and very competitive pricing. The app is easy to navigate and has a good platform.  Its best mobile feature its charting function and technical indicators.

These can be tailored to your needs and are easily customizable. The application also has a split screen function that allows you to execute and order while you are evaluating charts.

IQ Option

The IQ option has a very sophisticated user interface. In addition to forex pairs, you can trade CFDs on shares and cryptocurrencies. This Shares trading app offers very fast execution which set it apart from other apps. They have a very responsive 24/7 customer support and this is available in more than 18-different languages.


The Vestle application is brought to you by iFOREX which has been providing apps and browser platforms for more than 20-years. The app is sleek and like the FxNet browser platform.

The app provides traders with lightning fast execution, balance monitoring, news, real-time charts and risk management capabilities. You can also see your margin details directly from the mobile application. Vestle also provides a customized experience which is based on a survey they has conducted over the years. Not only can you trade shares, but provide a multi-asset, multi-language app. This is one of the most advanced trading platforms.