Strategy Games for Android (For Smartphones and Tablets)

Strategy Games for Android
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Best Strategy Games for Android That You Should Play

Strategy games are not just good for your brain but also horn the strategy making skills in you. strategy games are very famous from the very beginning of time and even in the old ages games such as chess game, and card games are the one that are most popular among the game lovers. Strategy games tease your brain and improve the memory, processing speed, creativity and problem solving skills of your brain. Although our schedule starts shrinking from the past few decade but we can even than fulfill our urge of playing by using smart phones. And as you always have a strategy game on your phone you can play at times when you are doing something unplanned such as traveling in a subway or waiting for someone.

There are dozens of games you can found on Google play store if having ANDROID smart phone. This list below include the best android strategy games that are interesting and fun to play even for hardcore PC Gamer.

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Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategy card game in which you have card duel with your opponent. In this car duel game, you will be given some basic cards by which you have to start with and as you proceed you start making a deck by collecting new cards. After collecting cards, you can challenge your friends or other people online to have a card duel and you can do this by joining different clans. This game is not about being lucky of having the right card but using the card effectively you already possessed.


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Download Clash Royale

Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies as obvious from its name that zombies and plants are compete to overpower one another. But you are the one who is fighting by guiding the plants in right direction against the zombies. The plants will shoot in the direction you place them. But the part where you have to make strategy and deal with the zombies is when, the zombies get smarter over time and changes their direction of proceeding. I personally prefer this game because it has cool graphics and is one of my best Strategy Games for Android.

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best strategy games for android


Download Plants vs. Zombies

The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a battle strategy game and in which you become a tribe man and travel along with your tribe. In the journey whoever tribe you encounter, have to fight a battle with. You can choose your tribe initially by your own choice whatever the tribe choose provide you with specific fighting style. As the battle is about planning and military is the one institute that develops the art of strategy over time, therefore The Battle of Polytopia is the great strategy and adventure game for you.

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battle game
Midjiwan AB

 The Battle of Polytopia

Chess Free

As there is no better strategy game than chess, therefore chess free is a great choice for you. There is nothing new to tell you about the game as it’s an old strategy game, Chess. Everybody knows about it.

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AI Factory Limited

Download Chess Free

Age of Civilizations

Age of Civilizations is one of the most interesting and addictive tactic games for android. In this, you have to conquer lands of other civilizations as this game is based on the battle scenario of the strategy making. This android strategy game includes more than 190 civilizations to conquer and two planets. You can also challenge yourself.


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Download Age of Civilizations


As everyone knows that the greatest strategy game of all times is Chess and this carries the spirit of chess in it. You will be killing bad guys by playing and advancing your moves on the chess board. Although basically it is the chess but the chess has got more interesting and has edit better video graphics in it. Nowadays kids don’t want to play chess as they find it boring but X-COM is the fantastic way of introducing this new generation of the kids to the chess.


Alien game for android
2K, Inc.

Download XCOM

Card Thief

You will be going to play the role of the card thief who is equipped with different tools and equipment and by avoiding guards and using the loop holes you got to do your job. Card Thief is a great and unique kind of strategy game of its own style which you will find fantastic and amusing to play.

Rebuild 3

Rebuild 3 is an incredible tactic game with the illustrative real life strategy implementing game but that’s not all people out there who love zombies has a good news as this is about the zombie breakout in which you have to , not only fight against zombies but also work for the preservation of human civilization in the aftermath. You will act as a leader most of the time and you have to decide the ways of collecting resources, consuming them and assigning different tasks to different people.

2d games for android
Northway Games

Download Rebuild 3

Lost frontier

No game can be a better strategy game than that of the battle game, lost frontier is the Android game on battle with Wild West theme and all times machines, weaponry along with the uniform of the soldiers. For the people who are interested in military tactic, is the great fun to play for those. Lost frontier bears mission theme levels and the fulfillment of each one will get you to the next. You can play about 24 battle mission; it is one of the few battle games that carry the real spirit of the strategy.

Battle for the galaxy

The battle for the galaxy has the same ideology of attacking and conquering new places as you had in some all time strategy games. You just need to create a strong army of men that can fight against any powerful army in the galaxy. You will keep conquering the planets till the very end of the galaxy. This is a great tactical with pretty decent graphics and soundtracks. If you are a tactical game enthusiast and have not played strategy space game, then it is the time to try something new as there are huge chances that you will love this play.

You will also enjoy its multiplayer mode and the great series of 50 missions.

space game
AMT Games

Download BFTG

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