Superheroes Games For Comic Book Lovers

best superheroes games on Android

The hundreds of science fiction, animated superheroes movies and video games proves that a superhero fan can be of any age and size. Nowadays not only kids but adults also really like them and therefore, the movies like Batman and Spider-man have been able to do so well on the box office. There are also many fighting games for Android but there are only some handful that are really good enough to make a search for. Due to the increasing craze for comic heroes, we have mentioned some best superheroes games on Android.


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Batman Arkham Origins


  • Batman in Gotham
  • All batman gadgetry
  • Gothic style

Those who have played Batman Arkham on their PCs and gaming consoles know that it is a fantastic game, can meet up to the expectation of every batman hardcore fan. It’s mobile version is also really popular among the comic geeks. For the graphics are too good to be of smartphone’s and tablet’s. As you all know about crime fighting in Gotham city, where You will be able to beat the bad guys and thugs as much as you want.

You can get high scores to upgrade batman gadgets and there are also several different versions of bat suits you will find in it. It has too much to reveal and keep the audience engage to its end. You will also find some renowned dc comic villains.

It is a great fun to play with mobile friendly controls and breath taking graphics. Buttons and swiping patterns will appear on your screen of device and by just sliding your finger on them you will make cool fighting moves. The stuff gets really like batman vs. superman scenario at some point of the game where you will feel like the part of a movie as a character.

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  • Justice League superheroes
  • Battle between super humans
  • Fight using super powers

This second game in our list is also a Dc Comic master piece for Android gamers. Although it is very much similar to batman arkham but also differ in many aspects. You will find Batman, Superman, and Wonder woman. Just name it and you will have, every DC comic big shot.

It is based on the action heroes who fight against crime and is more of a Justice League, where all powerful heroes fight against the thugs and drugs lords not just to save their own city but the whole world. If you like to play games of Superman, Wonder woman or any other superhero belongs to justice league then my personal suggestion, you better play injustice, where you will easily find the superheroes you want to play with in a single game or at least most of them.

Injustice has really compatible controls for mobile screen which you can accommodate by just swiping. The superheroes and the villains you have are more of a card collecting rather than an adventure journey quest. For the heroes and the villains you will have, seem like a collected series of cards on your deck. Whereas the graphics are incredibly similar to arkham origins and also the soundtrack.


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The Amazing Spider Man


  • Sling with the building or do the crime fighting
  • Lizard as villain
  • Tons of missions

Although it is not the best but secures a reasonably high position when it comes to best superhero games. Because it is about Spider-man based on the 2012 movie. As it does not have very sharp graphics but due to being a part of a movie, it has a really interesting story line which most people already know, especially the Spider-man fans and if you don’t then let me tell you. You will play the role of a young college student name “Peter Parker” who has got powers in an accident, after being bitten by a radioactive spider. He now has to take care of his aunt with whom he lives and protect his city New York.

In the game, you will encounter villains such as lizard. The reason which makes this a must have on your Android, is you can use the power of Spider-man like the way you want to. You can swing between the buildings and can slide before the cars hanging with your spidy again. So in short, you are Spider-man and you can do and go where ever you want to.

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Ninja turtles: Legend


  • Daily prizes
  • Train Ninja turtles
  • 60+ missions

This is another superhero game based on a movie. You are one in the gang of legendary ninja turtles and have to stop the bad guys from creating clones for their immoral purpose.  It is really amazing for you can play as anyone of the four ninja turtles. Either Michelangelo or Leonardo you can be anyone you want. Fighting with monsters and giant mutants was not that much fun as it is in the ninja turtles legend.

There are more than 70 different levels you can enjoy on your Android device. Each level is not either very difficult or neither very easy to the level of boredom.  It is a really balanced game for casual gamers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game for Android
Ludia Inc.


Iron Man 3


  • Fight crime by wearing iron suit
  • Iron man story-line
  • Boss fights

Who does not want to play a game where he is one of the richest and the most ingenious person in the world. Now you have to save your country and the world with the Iron man suit and the cool weaponry he has. It is an official property of Gameloft who has brought the life of tony stark into reality. For all marvel fans, this game is not something they should miss, as the iron man will fight against A.I.M, someone really difficult to overpower. You can shoot small missiles, fly while wearing the suit and much more you can do on your Android.

Iron man 3 bears one of the most mind blowing and outstanding graphics then any other game in the list. This 3D master piece will make you feel like the part of Avengers. The controls it bears are also very coordinating with the touch screen of your android phone. The last thing I want to say to all marvel fans is that just download it now, as this cool thing is available for free on play store.

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