Best Survival Games For Android

Best Survival Games For Android

Unlike any conventional video game, there is nothing like a second chance or life when it comes to survival games because it’s all about do or die. As many have seen in the Doomsday movies and zombie apocalypse films that survival is the most important skill any human should learn and give few hours of our lives in learning them because one day your entire life may depends on it. Although, these are just games but they will make your mind work as a survivalist even if you are sitting on your 5th floor office’s chair.

Lifeline: Halfway to Infinity

The strange thing about this survival horror game is that, you are the one who holds pen as a story writer and determine the ultimate story-line. Lifeline is nothing but a series of seven survival challenges you have to overcome to emerge as a survivalist. Your decisions will determine the life or death of other person. In each story, you are not a survivalist yourself but act as a person who will guide the survivor and help him make the decisions.

You will be in contact with the person via wireless voice devices. Make sure you consider each option not just an option but a lifeline. The surroundings in the game and the stories are really intense and extremely close to the reality. The scenarios are so stress building that even in the game you will feel like losing your mind and feeling a bit of fear.

[appbox googleplay com.threeminutegames.lifelinehalftoinfinitygoog]

Another world

You are a physicist who got trapped into a new dimension where things are really difficult and different from the real world but you have to keep surviving. Your end goal will be to manage and escape from this alternative reality. Make choices with care because these choices will evaluate your chances of survival and ticket to home.

You will confront some real bad guys and violent animals. Although tools and weaponry will be given to you but it would be in a limit.  Therefore, don’t forget to not use them until you really need them badly. Once you get able to make it to the end and succeed in coming back, explore new game plays and modes in the game as there are three to be amused from.

One of the Best survival games that resembles more of a Sci-fiction Netflix season but once you start playing it would be a difficult job to be done with it.

[appbox googleplay com.dotemu.anotherworld]

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

Don’t starve will take you into a world where magic and the science live together. You, a scientist has ended up here with some serious worry for survival and a mission of getting back to the home. You are in the mid of nowhere and there is wilderness and strange creatures all around you.

Your job is to make sure that you don’t die because of starvation. Quite simple concept where the line between reality and fiction get thinner with every passing minute . Don’t just ignore anything, because of laziness as your life depends upon your senses. Keep your mind, eyes and ears open. Be vigilant and keep surviving.

[appbox googleplay com.kleientertainment.doNotStarvePocket]

Last Day on Earth

It is about the survival during a deadly zombie war. You have to make sure the survival by trusting no one except yourself. This zombie survival game gonna turn you into a survivor who can really make to the end. As its the end of the civilization and one who can stand longer enough than everyone else will win the challenge.

Kingdom Rush

A tower defense game that has the very same instinct of survivor games. You defend your towers from back to back waves of enemies and you have to do it smartly. You recruit some well trained heroes to make defense more powerful and effective. The game has many stages, each vary in terms of difficulty and environment.

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