Best Tech News Apps For Technology Geeks

Thankfully there are some fabulous tech news apps specializes in the category of technology

Technology is the only domain that changes at such a fast pace. Therefore, there should be a separate tech news app in your phone dedicated to technological transformations. Especially for those tech geeks who are really into the domain and a new discovery can make a big difference on their research work. By technology geeks, I mean those IT Professionals, Internet Entrepreneurs and Engineering enthusiasts who want to make their contribution in changing the world. Thankfully there are some fabulous technology news apps specializes in the category of technology. In other words, there are some really wonderful tech news apps for Android you can use.


Get all the updation about the newly launched gadgets or even about that technology not yet released in the market. With the better news and reviews you can later make decision about buying it or not. Above all, it makes you aware about the working of the gadgetry itself. If you are a technology researcher waiting for a break through, then this might help you a lot. Check also: General News Apps

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Beebom tunes up the users to the news that matters to them the most. You can tailor up the news according to your needs and interests. While the bookmark feature helps you in making sure you receive all the recent technology updates. Choose from diverse range of categories such as Computer, Android games and Gadgets. Either it is hardware electronics you are most interested in or the software specs you want to learn more about, Beebom will get you the best.

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TechPost is the small world of technology in itself, which would not limits you to just news but exposes users all related stuff about the tech. I mean this tech app has whatever you want blogs, videos, content and the related news about tech. If you have done with the routine news reading then you can explore different dimension of technology with it. If you want more than just technological news, then it is the place for you.

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Gadgets 360

It is for those who want to buy a new tablet or tech accessory. Just get the better filtered reviews and analysis about the device you want to buy. You can also set budgets to get better device suggestion. To know about the features and specs in great depth of the device you are interested in. It will get you the better insights in the world of technological devices and accessories as a consumer.

Appy Geek

Appy Geek App shares the same enthusiasm of technology as any geek does. From technological updates to the culture, it has whatever you can think of. Don’t just learn about the price and specification of devices, games, and other products but learn the science behind them in the science section. It just not loads up your mind with the ample amount of data but also shares interest of technology with you. You can know about whats in trend in the technological culture so you be in the front line of trend setters.

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