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Reading everything from the screen puts a limit to our document analyzing ability, because after sitting in front of the screen all day long it gets really hard to read your favorite book or to visit different News blog on your Android device. The solution for such a problem is text to speech App that will not only get rid away from the hustle of reading everything from the screen yourself but also immensely increases your time duration to reading different texts.

Now even if you are driving the car or doing your morning walk you can read the news or even finish last pages of your favorite book in its audio form. In this way, you will become a super human who can read hundreds of pages every day without wearing himself out. So check out these best text to speech apps.

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Google Text-to-Speech

Downloads: 1000,000k-5000,000k

Reviews: 4.1

Google text to speech App is a wonderful tool that gets your eyes off the screen. Now you don’t only can read every eBook and text using it but it also provides a sophisticated voice control via which you can access any other Google service. For instance you remember about the Mail which you had to read hours ago and in the middle of the book you remember. No worries, you just have to say Gmail and your account will open where you can read hundreds of emails without having any eye strain. You can also control and read text in your on screen apps but it has limitation for those applications not integrated with it. You can listen text with differ voices and in different accents.

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T2S: Text to Voice – Read Aloud

Downloads: 100k-500k

Reviews: 4.3

A TTS (text to speech) App with reasonable natural voice that does not feel too much of a robot. But it is limited to its specific dialog box where you have to drag and drop all the text you want to get read. But the plus point is, it allows you to export an audio file of the text which you can later listen. Therefore you do not need to put the text again and again in the application every time you want to read it. It also is a good tool for Vloggers who want to create a video of their blog content but don’t have much time to read by themselves. They can use it by exporting an audio file and upload it to the YouTube. Although it may feel a bit monotonic yet it worth saving your time.

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Pocket for Android

Downloads: 10,000k- 50,000k

Reviews: 4.5

An amazing Text to Speech Android App that comes with some unique features, no other application provides. Most of the time when I do the text to speech for my books, the most annoying thing I usually came across was when I cannot understand a phrase and have to read all the way by opening the screen of my Android device. With its playback feature you can now playback with great ease. And if I am reading a book for the second time and want to speed up the reading, I can increase the reading speed easily.

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If your phone usage is to the extent, that it gets you eyes stain why don’t you try the Talk. Talk will convert every text content into voice. Therefore, there is no need to glue your eyes with the phone screen. Just download this text to speech app and you can read everything from eBooks to web pages and that’s not all, you can do it in several languages. If its something you will need in near future then you can save the audio of text or export it to some other data storage.

This Android text to speech app also can be used to read content of other apps on your phone, while your eyes resting. Do a favor for your eyes and get it now so it can instantly half the burden and work of your eyes.

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Voice Aloud Reader

No matter in what format of file your data is available in. It will read it aloud to you and with the speed you want. A perfect app for text to speech that can convert every piece of content into voice. It will also save a lot of time because now you can read all your mails in your car while driving to office.

It can do wonders for your productivity by help you reading news, documents, and even books when you hardly have the desired to place your eyes on the phone screen. Even if its word or PDF it will read aloud to you. I prefer to read the books from this app especially if I am reading them again because you can control the speed and I can finish my book in about half the time. A really helpful test to speech app that can do really good for your career and personal life.

[appbox googleplay com.hyperionics.avar]

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