The Best Google Inbox alternatives for Android

best google inbox alternatives

If you were a Google Inbox user then we don’t have to tell that it’s time to move on, because probably you have after Google Inbox has gone. You might have moved to Gmail for this was the most obvious choice but if you are reading this blog then there is greater chance that your are not very happy with Gmail. Or may be just looking for an Inbox alternative.

We wouldn’t discuss the details of why Inbox is gone but let’s accept this, Google produced Inbox, Gmail also belongs to it and therefore it knows best what the Inbox users want. Which makes Gmail an obvious choice as the best alternative of the Inbox if not the best. But (we assume) you are not here to know the obvious, so we will not include the Gmail (the obvious) in this list.

However to see other Inbox’s best alternatives you may interested in, just scroll down.



[appbox googleplay com.readdle.spark]

Spark – Email App by Readdle

  •        Email that can sync with Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc
  •        Prioritizes emails of people you know
  •        Features, more control and advance customization

Spark knows how to prioritize your emails to reduce the noise to a minimum and it’s tools allows you to customize the email concordance to you. The features like Snooze email,  Smart search, Advanced customization, Reminders and follow-ups makes it possible to get the most out of it.

Not just for personal use it’s also works well for the teams too. You can create, links to email and can discuss an email with your team which provides significant collaboration and decreases extra time wasted in communication.

There are many other features you may find best for you even if you at least consider this app for a try.



[appbox googleplay com.easilydo.mail]

Edison Email

  •        A unified mailbox for all other email accounts
  •        Sync all your mail boxes in it
  •        Key info, travel notifications, separation of subscription

The app provides a unified interface for all your mailboxes, which include Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, Exchange, Hotmail, iCloud, Outlook, and IMAP mail accounts. Though not an alternative to Inbox yet a great solution for all your mailboxes no matter which email app you switch to.

No worry about flight notifications it can provide them all along with the info about hotels too. The key info allows you to see important key info of every email without opening it. See the bills and other mails without opening them all. It also allows you to have all your subscription mails separately which you can unsubscribe any time.



[appbox googleplay com.cloudmagic.mail]

Newton Mail

  •        Subscription-based app work with all mailboxes
  •        Makes your inbox look tidy
  •        Secure, organized, faster

Have all your mails in one place which is more secure and simplistic. Works with Gmail, Hotmail/Outlook, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365 and any IMAP account. App allows 2-step verification and you can also remote wipe all your data in case if you lost your device. This makes Newton an attention grabbing choice for secure email service seekers.

Features like undo send, Custom Inbox Swipes,  Snooze email, connection with cloud apps and one-click unsubscription, handles you more control of your inbox.

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[appbox googleplay]

Microsoft Outlook

  •        Connect all the email accounts
  •        Newly redesigned
  •        Integrated with Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Most probably you have an account on Microsoft Outlook as it is quite popular and have been some time in the market. However it’s design has been renewed and you can integrate all of your accounts here. Thus makes your inbox more organized and tidy.

Because of being from the Microsoft family it allows easy working with Microsoft Office software or I should say apps. But no matter which device you use them on it allows more convenience and quick integration.



[appbox googleplay me.bluemail.mail]

Blue Mail – Email & Calendar – Inbox

  •        Ability to manage unlimited email accounts
  •        Features like snoozing, group mail, works offline
  •        Smartest notifications, visually appealing, Customizable

Quite useful for both personal and professional purpose. As you can manage your professional mails and can discuss emails using group email feature. Where as it has customized for offline too. The notifications it provides are totally distraction free but provides the most info in a single glance.

Sync all your email accounts for it support almost all of them. Blue Mail has the ability to handle unlimited email accounts and no matter how many emails each of your account receives daily. Customize menu and color with few tabs on your screen.

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[appbox googleplay com.blackberry.hub&hl=en_US]

BlackBerry Hub+ Inbox

  •        Consolidates with all emails and social media inboxes
  •        Along with BlackBerry for other android devices
  •        Dark theme, reader’s friendly, Consolidated

Unlike other email apps this one can bring the notifications of mobile social media platforms (e.g Twitter, WhatsApp, etc) under one roof with all your email accounts. Just sync all your email accounts with this amazing alternative to Google Inbox and it will take care of all your emails and calendars.

It has all the prominent features of an email app like Snooze email and respond directly to messages & calendar invitations.

The importance to send eyeball grabbing emails has grown more then ever and BlackBerry Hub helps you to create one with it’s Rich formatting toolbar.




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