Things you can do with your Android Phone

Things you can do with your Android Phone
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Amazing And Cool things You Can Do with your Android Phone

Nowadays almost everyone used to be an android user at some point of their life. But there are few tricks that majority of the users are not aware about. Although, these few tricks are not really the big deal but they are fun anyway. Below are the few Amazing tricks and cool things you can do with your Android Phone which you will enjoy and may find useful with your phone.


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   1. Battery optimization


Battery optimization is a dream of every android user even we have started using the devices like power banks. A simple trick can help you keep your battery long lasting. You just have to go to the settings and turn off the adaptive brightness or ambient display, as these features will help you to get your android phone adapt automatically with the change in environment light intensity. But these features are in their primitive developmental stage and not as accurate to sense the light intensity in the environment. Therefore, it is better to keep these features at manual setting. This will not only help you to increase battery timing but also help you customize the display settings exactly to your comfort level. However, there are battery saving apps but they enormously affect the performance of your applications.

Battery Optimization

   2. Enjoy fast contextual information

To avail this trick of android, Android Marshmallow version is the requirement, you just need to go to the settings Google > Search & now > Voice and change the option to on from off. Now you are ready to enjoy fast contextual information with your android phone. You just need to speak up your desired Google search and everything will put to its place on its own.


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   3. Now share links easily

Sometimes you don’t want to open up your laptop to have the link that you want to put into your smart phone,  and wish to do without sending yourself a mail or there were an easy and fast way of so. Now push bullet app is something that I want to mention here. With this app, you can drag the links from one device to another device without any hustle. It allows you to use a link; no matter in which it exist you will be able to use it on multiple devices.

push it

Download Push Bullet App


   4. Don’t delete your bulk of Text

Now you have or may be sometime later reach at a point where you find need of deleting all the past messages that have been stored in your phone since past 5 or 8 years. But you know that you have to keep them if there were an easy way of doing it. As these texts full of the information and the important data that you may need very badly but would have it for you will have deleted it. SMS backup and restore app is a great facility for you as this android app will help you save all your previous messages in to your PC. And you can access them no matter how old they are or how many they are. At the same time you will be succeed in making your android phone work at its best level, because it is now relieved from that huge text storage that you are adding up to everyday.



backup and restore


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