Best Tools For Making Android Games

From the past 6 to 7 years, Mobile Gaming has drastically changed. Smart Phone Gaming has grown into a Giant industry which is extending and nourishing at a fast pace. And so is the trend of Mobile Game Development. Nowadays Mobile game development is so much in trend that there are several Game Development tools for Android can be used without learning coding and suits best for regular people. Due to the enormously increasing usage of mobile gaming tools, we have discussed some of the top notch tools for making Android games in this post.

GameSalad – Drag & Drop Programming

  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Without full 3d support
  • Free & paid version

GameSalad is for all those people who are Game enthusiasts and want to get their hands on game development. As the tool does not demand prior programming knowledge and can be operated only with drag and drop feature. Therefore it is known for its user friendly interface. Its game physics is outstanding which you can later test by getting your game into action after you are done with development. There is a free and pro version of this tool but for beginners free is the best choice.
Though most feasible gateway for newcomers in android game development, yet not so good if your desired project is a high profile 3D game (as it has no full 3D support). Nevertheless allows unseasoned developers to publish their games on the web (without monetizing it). Moreover if your game seems promising it can be monetized by trying the Pro version, which is nearly $17 per month. Allows game making for iOS and Windows 8 too.

Drag & Drop Programming for developers


  • Drag-and-drop interface (2D games)
  • Advanced game developers write their own code
  • Unreliable debugging, Insufficient collaboration support

Stencyl is a platform for tile-based 2D game graphics. If you are a game geek, then you might already know that games like Dangerous Dungeons and Zuki’s Quest has been developed using Stencyl. It is also one of the most advance game studio that promotes drag and drop interface without any coding. Stencyl has a feature of changing codes for professional programmers and advanced level developers. You can also customize classes and the tool, if you want to. You have to pay to get your game published on Google Play Store but putting it on Stencyl’s Website, is something you can do for free. However the fee is $199/ year for paid version allows you to publish on Google Play store and others (Windows, Mac, iOS).

drag and drop Game development tool

Construct 2

  • Preview your games without compiling
  • No coding required
  • HTML 5 platform

Construct 2 is a game Development tool best known for 2D Games. It is a great tool which beginner level developers must try, not just because of its 2D game play but because of the easy drag and drop interface, you can use to create awesome games. For construct 2 no prior knowledge of programming is required.
Known for its exceptional visuals and ease of development. Preview your created game without any compilation. Either it is about adding special properties to objects (i.e moving in 8 directions) or special effects, Construct 2 can do it all. A multiplatform which supports iOS, Windows and web, along with Android phones.

2D game development engine
Construct 2


  • For both 2D & 3D
  • Most popular among developers
  • No source code without substantial fee

Games such as Pokémon Go and Angry Birds 2, made on this game creator tool, most famous among game developers for it’s astounding performance. It works on a wide range of devices and there are substantial resources available to guide the new developers about the tool. The unity supports C# language along with UnityScript.
The best part is you don’t have to pay anything until your game starts making $100,000 per annum. However the basic plan costs $35, while you can enjoy it for free. For junior developers, tutorials and guidance material is in excess. Android, iOS, Windows phone, Tizen Os and Fire Os are the platforms that support unity games. A tool that exceeds in rewards as the time on making games increase. Equally beneficial for beginners and professional developers.

GameMaker Studio 2

  • Drag-and-drop
  • Wide range of features
  • Limited features for free version

Successor of a competent gaming tool, which allows game creation without any coding. Apart from Drag and drop feature the platform has it’s own language (similar to C) for more complex coding. The number of platforms you can export your game to, is remarkably exquisite. Besides Android, the gaming platforms it supports are iOS, Windows, Mac, HTML5, Xbox One, Linux, Playstation (can be exported to).
Several splendid features included, such as in-app purchases (you can have in your game). Built-in editors, real-time analytics and third party extensions, makes it an idyllic tool to work on. Prices depends upon platform and the frequency of exports you want.

Indie gaming tool for beginners