Best Tools For Making Android Games

From the past 6 to 7 years, Mobile Gaming has drastically changed. Smart Phone Gaming has grown into a Giant industry which is extending and nourishing at a fast pace. And so is the trend of Mobile Game Development. Nowadays Mobile game development is so much in trend that there are several Game Development tools for Android can be used without learning coding and suits best for regular people. Due to the enormously increasing usage of mobile gaming tools, we have discussed some of the top notch tools for making Android games in this post.

GameSalad – Drag & Drop Programming

GameSalad is for all those people who are Game enthusiasts and want to get their hands on game development. As the tool does not demand prior programming knowledge and can be operated only with drag and drop feature. Therefore it is known for its user friendly interface. Its game physics is outstanding which you can later test by getting your game into action after the development process gets complete. There is a free and pro version of this tool but for beginners free is the best choice.

Drag & Drop Programming for developers


PlayHaven can also help you create a high quality game, possessing minor details. PlayHaven not only allows the developers to see gaming as their passion but provide them the option to monetize their game and earn some money. If earning money is your aim then this can help you with it.

Android Game development tools
TechCrunch/ PlayHaven


If you are a game geek, then you may already know that Dangerous Dungeons has been developed using Stencyl. It is also one of the most advance game studio that promotes drag and drop Game development without any coding. Stencyl has a feature of changing codes for professional programmers and advanced level developers. You can also customize classes and the tool, if you want to. You have to pay to get your game published on Google Play Store but putting your on Stencyl’s Website, is something you can do for free.

drag and drop Game development tool

Construct 2

Construct 2 is a game Development tool best known for 2D Games. It is a great tool which beginner level developers must try, not just because of its 2D game play but because of the easy drag and drop feature you can use to create it. For construct 2 no prior knowledge of programming is required.

2D game development engine
Construct 2

GameMaker Studio

An Indie gaming tool recognized for being the first one who has allowed PC games too. It’s a tool advisable for the beginners due to its effortless 2D game development which has many characters, fonts and out-standing physics.

Indie gaming tool for beginners